Scottish Politics on Caledon Radio


Every week these days, currently 12:30 on Fridays, I’m on with Caledon Radio host Norrie Hunter.

We talk, often excitedly, about a range of issues featuring in TuS and of interest to Norrie.

We’re getting increasingly positive feedback, from all over.

Here are some comments from today:

Politics with you two guys is a tonic. Great issues as ever and a good logical thinking of the media and reporting of events. Friday is my new Thursday (John Alexander: Renfrew)

Norrie thank you for a great laugh with the professor today it was brilliant as usual (Abby Hastings: Inverurie)

Just back from holiday and tuned in for the best conversation on radio bar none. Fun and great analysis of the rubbish some of the more so called respective media call news. Seriously good work guys. (Pat and Alex Sutherland : Dundee)

I am fed up with Anglo-centric news Norrie and today’s hard hitting discussion on the criticism of the SNP was a joy to hear. John Robertson was as usual very witty and the piece on the Unite union and its impact on Scottish Labour was enlightening. (Jim Knox: Lairg)

Norrie what I cannot understand is how you keep on top of all this politics. Im glad you do as otherwise I would not have a clue lol (Brenda Higgins :Alexandria)

Norrie reflects:

One of the things that make us volunteers carry on with the Radio Station is the feedback from the listeners who rely on us and have made us a regular go to place for Scottish politics. The show on Friday is one of the more popular ones on Caledon Radio as the ‘odd couple’ try to entertain and educate people with the statistics and agendas behind the front page news. Professor John Robertson is key to bring the items on the agenda aided by myself, Norrie Hunter.

The most interesting factor is even though we are a pro independence online radio station we are able to attract those yet to be convinced of the value of self determination. We also have a section of our audience who are apolitical and really enjoy the straightforward way of delivering political news. Having John as a regular contributor helps maintain a high level of discussion from John’s past as an air guitarist to deep forensic analysis of Coronavirus figures and how they are skewed carefully to make it look like Scotland does badly when the opposite is true. The Liz Truss declaration that the Douglas Ross was the next first minister in waiting brought hilarity to the show and we debated the merits of grey beards making some men appear more distinguished particularly in academia. This enables us to lighten the mood particularly when dealing with complex issues.

You can see what all the fuss is about by downloading the Caledon Media app on Android and IOS or visit the website at

3 thoughts on “Scottish Politics on Caledon Radio

  1. Sounds like good informed fun, glad to hear the TuS perspective in these particularly vexed propaganda times reaching a wider and clearly appreciative audience.
    I’m increasingly convinced community radio is the only viable answer to the current media circus, getting back to public interest rather than pipeline illusions for those with an agenda.

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