Look mum, we’re famous in Scotland!!!

Making the national headlines, take three girls (!) just about to start at St Andrews University and it seems they have a wee problem.

The above screen shots have already winged it down to pals and relatives in England. We’re famous mum!!!

How did this get to the BBC? Well, one of the students wants to go to her brother’s wedding in Italy and ‘sought the help of her new MP, Liberal Democrat Wendy Chamberlain, who has raised the issue with Scotland’s health secretary Humza Yousaf.’

Well good, but why is it now with the BBC. I know what happens in a normal MP’s constituency office. The staff may well have written to the Health Secretary but first, they would have investigated with the Italian embassy how the student could provide the evidence. She has it for the jag in Scotland. Presumably there is another record with a health board in England, for the first one? One plus one is? If she can provide these two separate records of a jag in two parts of the UK, there is little doubt the Italian authorities would accept that. If they don’t, her local MP could use her status to go directly to them and not waste time point-scoring with the SNP!

The headline suggests the students have been denied exemption and the subheading says:

Three students have been refused exemption from travel quarantine rules because their vaccination certificates do not show they have had two jabs.

Is there any actual evidence in the report that anything has actually been ‘denied’ or ‘refused’. No, the words only appear once with ‘exemption’only appearing those two times.

Shabby journalism again to try to make that ‘SNP Scottish Government’ look bad. This time, no Douglas Ross but the Lib Dumbs step in for the team.

Who is Wendy Chamberlain MP? Remember this?

Lib Dem candidate admits using fake newspaper to promote policy: 'We've  done it for years' | UK | News | Express.co.uk

As reported on Open Democracy website on November 29, the Liberal Democrats shocked readers and constituents alike when the party presented its campaign literature in North East Fife as though it were the local paper.

The 'North East Fife Gazette' pamphlet

It was called North East Fife Gazette, a name which echoes real neighbouring newspaper publications such as Glenrothes Gazette.

Although only a four page publication, it included a section called ’News Comment’ with a quote from Jo Swinson, photographs of Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn under a headline ‘The Past’ and images of the Liberal Democrat leader under the phrase ‘The Future’.

The pamphlet also has a small description at the top which claims to be a “Free Local Newspaper covering Cupar, East Neuk, Howe of Fife, Large, Saint Andrews and Tay Bridge” and features a “special report on the best choice as our next MP”.

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5 thoughts on “Look mum, we’re famous in Scotland!!!

  1. John
    Re the Lib Dumbs stepping in
    Would it not be better if they stay in step
    True to recent form
    Step. OK
    but off a electoral cliff
    Next example of their next step
    No need to keep your eyes open
    Tis your ears you shall require
    Listening out for the sudden thud as they
    Hit bottom


  2. Have the students even attempted to collate their vaccination records?

    Just a couple of days ago I looked at my record of Covid-19 vaccinations, and the vacs.nhs.scot web site states a paper copy is available if you need to travel in the next fourteen days.

    I assume it is possible to do something similar in England.

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  3. Reading the BBC article, this is clearly being pitched as an anti-devolution story. The writer has managed to find a case relating to a student from England who is studying in Wales.

    About 8 years ago, I had to attend a conference in Liverpool, which would entail me being away from home for three nights. I have to take three different tablets each day to manage my medical condition. Barely had the train left Glasgow Central when I realised I had left the box where I keep my weekly supply.

    When I got to Liverpool, I went to a pharmacy beside the station and explained my predicament. The pharmacist said that he could supply a enough for three days, but that I would have to get a prescription signed by a doctor. He said that there was a clinic nearby and that they ought to be able to provide me with one.

    I went to the clinic (it was actually a sexually transmitted diseases one – no lewd sniggering, please!) and explained the problem to the receptionist. She asked for the name and address of my GP and then for my date of birth. This enabled her to access my records. She asked for my consent to open these. She then asked some security checks and I provided proof of identity. She then called one of the doctors who asked me the names of the medications and why I was taking them. Having satisfied him, he printed a prescription for three days’ supply.

    There was no charge. I returned to the pharmacy and was given the tablets. I signed the prescription form. In those days, England had prescription charges, but when I asked about payment I was told that since I get the prescriptions free in Scotland, there would be no charge.

    I am surprised that the students were unable to have received the same service, because, according to the clinic receptionist the software she was using was used by ALL NHS services in the UK.

    So, it seems this is a case of BBC and/or a LibDem MP playing silly buggers’ petty political games.

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  4. Libdems are the worst kind of politicians . They masquerade under a veneer of ”niceness’ when actually they are the worst kind of Tories – Tories who pretend they are NOT !
    They are integrity intolerant !

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