Scotland and Wales have lowest infection levels

The seven-day rolling averages in Wales (29.3 per 100K) and Scotland (33.2) are now less than half that in England (75.2)

As part of their mission to inform the public and fight fake news, BBC Scotland says ‘Cases continue to rise in Scotland’:

BBC UK conveniently ignores the seven-day figures and claims:

Number 10 has, I hear, thanked them for that piece of selective editing.

BBC Northern Ireland has loyally put its fingers in it ears and has banned the above Financial Times graph:

The Herald?

12 thoughts on “Scotland and Wales have lowest infection levels

  1. We have Boris the Liar.
    We have BBC Hootsmon, the fake news site.

    You cannot call out Johnsons lies in the English Parliament.
    You have complaints about the BEEB screened and ignored.

    Putin must be wondering how it’s done by “professionals”!

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  2. What a rotten organisation BBC Scotland must be these days.

    To lie and try to deceive folk, while expecting them to pay for the privilege is something else!

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      1. Upon Indy
        Notice should be served upon ABC ( BBC ) Prepatators of this blatant propaganda that prior to be allowed gainful employment upon closure of all BBC operations in Scotland
        That if they wish to continue to live and work here then that they shall be required to successfully attend and pass a program of re education in English with emphasis on context and word association with the most basic of arithmetic ( but such shall only enable them to become W.C attendants )
        Failure to attain a certain level may result in assisting in the re colonisation of St Kilda

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        1. premieroneuk: To be fair, that does seem a rather onerous re-employment job description.

          Maybe just say “You must just agree to tell the truth and not try and deceive anymore”


          1. Stephen
            I am using satire to belittle them
            But given the seriousness of their crimes against the Scottish people and nation
            Tis time we
            Fight fire with Fire
            Call a spade a spade
            Stop pussy footing around with them
            Take the gloves off
            Let them know they are in a fight to the death and unconditional surrender is the only outcome for them
            They are paper Tigers
            Do not play their games after all they make the rules
            Make them stare certain defeat in the face


          2. Stephen
            With all due respect
            Do you really believe being nice to the weasels and rats
            And asking them to tell the truth
            That is playing their game
            As my Gran with all her simple wisdom used to say
            “Down a rat hole you only find rats”
            And Pacific Quay is one helluva big rat hole
            Let loose the ratting terriers
            Flush them out
            Warfarrin is too kind a gesture


      2. Nail on head Isabel. I believe infection figures in Scotland will rise greatly in the next month, due almost solely to importation from other countries. If this does happen, no doubt it will cause great joy in the ” Scottish media “.

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  3. John, I see HMS Sarah Smith are at it again with “Covid in Scotland: Thousands turn off tracking app”, a conclusion for which there is no evidence whatsoever.

    As was highlighted yesterday (I think) churn on mobile phones is remarkably high, and will certainly exceed the 5% drop in numbers actively using the App.

    Naturally, the click-bait allows a meander through England v Scotland experiences, and enable Jackie Baillie to bump her gums over “people losing confidence in the system”, entirely evidence free as usual.


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