BBC says ‘cases continue to increase in Scotland’ as infections fall to lowest level since June!

Well, I suppose even if there was only one new case today, you could say cases have increased but we’re talking about the rate, aren’t we, boys and girls?

The rate has been falling now since July 2nd, three weeks ago! Wake up?

Today, 23rd July, Scotland’s 7-day-average infection rate, AT 1 686 was the lowest is has been since June 20th when it was 1 581.

The seven day average for the UK is 45 455, between 2 and 3 times higher after taking population into account.

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12 thoughts on “BBC says ‘cases continue to increase in Scotland’ as infections fall to lowest level since June!

  1. And now Labour in Scotland have weighed in with a story about ‘suspected’ cases and ‘potential’ outbreaks in Care Homes in Scotland. The Herald online is leading with the story at the moment.

    I am getting so tired of this.

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  2. Reading in the ‘i’ today, something about Scottish covid results ‘not so good’ due to results of ‘waste water’ testing. What’s that all about? Sounded a bit ‘Yah! Not as good as you thought you were’. Gloat gloat. Never heard of this.

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    1. It’s literally a load of crap.
      Wastewater sampling was always done, either by SEPA or Scottish Water, all SG did was extend the analysis to look for Covid clues, BUT, in reality it is a snapshot at a finite time as they found when AIDS, Cocaine use, etc. were of huge concern.

      It’s abundantly clear MSM are clutching at straws now to obscure England’s woes, Scotland has now become the permanent squirrel they can point to.

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    2. Waste water testing is a way of community surveillance. Covid positive people shed Virus particles in their faeces which is then flushed down the toilet and ends up at the water treatment plant. Sampling the water can give an indication of the prevalence of the virus in the community served by the treatment works.

      Levels seem to be higher than the number of cases detected by testing people but this is hardly surprising when you consider that asymptomatic people will be shedding virus via faeces into the waste water system but they may not be tested so not adding to case numbers via that route.

      There was a report in the scientific literature a few months ago about one of the towns in Switzerland picking up the Alpha variant via waste water testing a week or so before they picked up any actual cases via PCR testing of people.

      One final point. Nothing produces aerosols like flushing the toilet therefore if a Covid positive person has defecated in the toilet – public, cafe/restaurant or whatever – aerosols containing the virus will persist for some time in the toilet. Wear a mask, wash your hands. Public toilets need to have extractor fans going 24/7.

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  3. John, I’d already highlighted this “England’s Covid infection rate overtakes Scotland” story before midday your end, minutes after HMS Sarah Smith published it.

    What was glaringly obvious when you opened the article which was then titled “Covid infections around the UK continue to rise”, was Scotland was essentially an aside in what was an England centric report, hence stored under news/health.

    Note this same article has now changed title from “Covid infections around the UK continue to rise” to “Daily Covid cases down for fourth day in UK”, all in just under 10 hours…. It’s a miracle from the BBC, hallelujah, praise the Lord…

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  4. Ah well now, remember back in the day, when yon BBC and their lackey’s in the London HQ’d Tory and red Tory party in Scotland, accused the First Meenister of ‘politicising the pandemic’. The ‘media’ aided and abetted by their masters, the BritNat troughers working for the English government in Scotland, have done nothing but do that throughout this dreadful pandemic.

    My old long retired very well off yoon neighbours, refuse to look at ‘Travelling tabby’, ‘oh no we get the daily updates on the news’, ie the BBC. Huh huh.

    Scotland needs to ditch the BBC altogether when independent, folks can watch it online if they so wish, but Scotland should have their own public broadcasting station, if that’s what people want, not the English controlled BBC who do so much damage to Scotland’s people, and to Scottish democracy. Take a hike BBC!

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    1. I wish there was a coordinated campaign to get people to stop paying the BBC licence fee – what BBC Scotland produces is not representative of at least half the population of Scotland. Why should we pay them to produce anti- Scottish material?

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