Only 10% of adult population in Scotland still to get first dose

By reader Anonymous but too good to be left in the comments:

With regard to this BBC headline on vaccinations.

“Covid in Scotland: Nearly a third of young adults still unvaccinated”

17% of the entire population of Scotland are under 16 and vaccines are not approved for that age group.

This means 83% of the entire population of Scotland are eligible for the vaccination.

As of yesterday, approximately 73% of the adult population have received their first vaccination.

In other words, only 10% of the adult population in Scotland have still to receive their first dose..

7 thoughts on “Only 10% of adult population in Scotland still to get first dose

  1. No, no! Hon Sarah, the Voice of London, asserts “not enough adults have had the jag” on the evening “Agitprop for Jocks”, show.

    And she got it from the highly qualified bullsh!tologist (O-level milking) Prof DRossy O’DRoss of that ilk. And any other ilk where there is a buck to be had–Westminster–Holyrood and all the football touchlines round the globe.
    He dreams of his Peerage.

    And he got it from “Farmer” Hi Jack of Embro Bunker–Waffler to Bullingdon Boris, who doesn’t care who dies, just as long as the City makes money–loads’n’loads of money.

    Kind of takes us back to the good ol’ days of Empire when the happy, watermelon smiling natives were told they were too stupid to run their own countries, and the Great White Queen (over the water) would take that burden off their backs.

    And all the profits.

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  2. This is the fifth day that BBC Scotland and much of the Scottish press has gone with this ‘One-Third’ trope. It was clearly a press release by the Scottish Conservatives (“Hello, Douglas!” says Fiona Stalker in a very cheery voice when he comes on).

    BBC Scotland did its usual ploy on Reporting Scotland yesterday by giving DRoss an interview where he made these assertions, after the announcer had stated in advance what he was going to say. Then they went on to say that the Scottish Government claims that the vaccination programme is on schedule.

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    1. Apoplectic and grovelling apologies from yours truly.

      I was only trying to “level up”, the academic achievements of poor DRossie, who wants for Scotland, the slow catastrophe being enacted in England under the Boris despotism.

      As Cummings kindly points out, Boris is still a Bullingdon Boy at heart.
      A lying, racist, misogynist thug.

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  3. I have neighbours who have said their family including grandkids are all coming up to Edinburgh from er, west of England, the Wirral, a hot spot for Covid, for a week. She did mention it being bad down there, but who cares eh. They only get their ‘news about the daily data from the BBC’. Another neighbour has a wee toddler who is self isolating, with her mum and dad of course, because their nursery had to close due to Covid cases.

    Anyone travelling to Scotland from south of the border should be required to quarantine, but no they will mix in the community freely, and people look at us strangely for wearing masks outside on walks. We won’t be mask ‘free’ for the foreseeable.

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  4. The saddest thing about the stats in this story, and this story reflected over the past 75 years and the fact it doesn’t ever, ever raise an eyebrow is the fact/stat that only 17% of Scotland’s popuation are under 16.


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