18 thoughts on “How long before No voters get the message?

  1. Come on! This is ‘just Boris bring Boris’ as Hayley Miller of Good Morning Scotland often used to say with chuckle, when previous outrageous statements/lies were told. We all knew what he was like and he adds to the general happiness.

    Today, GMS was asking, ‘Is it not hypocritical to believe what Mr Cummings says, when previously people were calling him a liar?’ On the BBC website, Laura Kurnnsberg describes Mr Cummings recent actions as a ‘betrayal’.

    I think we can continue to expect the usual high standards of impartially from the BBC.

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  2. No question whatsoever that the Tory plan,initially,was to eliminate the elderly,sick and unemployed until it was pointed out to them that the economy would take a hit and they would be piling the bodies up in the streets (not a good look) because the Health service wouldn’t cope.
    Meantime Johnson keeps on pretending that he didn’t really meant it,honestly it was all a joke folks and they believe it.
    His character was well known before England voters elected him to office so there was no excuse.
    They got what they voted for and unfortunately,so did we (as usual).

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      1. Robert
        The current outpourings of the MSM
        Are akin to thatof the Nazis
        As the end of WW2 came closer and closer
        Such tells me that privately and deep in their Physche that the Unionists are staring defeat in the face now
        They have little or no triumphs now
        And nothing to offer other than threats,spurious claims and utterly outlandish lies and propaganda

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        1. Even the ‘current outpourings’ are a ruse. Faux outrage against a dangerous dictator in England. The Tories are not finished yet they have much work to do especially with the main project, Brexit, all helped along very nicely by Stramer’s Labour party. The Tories are also not done with Scotland, they know it’s their gravy train and it’s got a heck of alot of cargo, ful to the damn brim. England won’t survive five minutes econimically without Scotland. No, this is just the start of the dangerous UK becoming a dangerous regime, which is why Scotland is not letting their guard down.

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          1. Arthetty
            And another clear cut signal that the British State is in its death throes
            And just like the Nazis when the end was nigh
            They were handing out Iron Crosses in huge numbers,higher than any time during their stunning victories
            The most likely recipients of reward at the end were Gautlitiers etc. Hanging so called traitors etc
            Just akin to Ruth the Mooth gets elevated to the Lords
            Along with many others recently swelling the Lords benches to the highest number ever
            Many many more examples of the imminent collapse
            But the one sure fire sign is their constant reference to Britain as world class
            Just like Hitler posing in front of a King Tiger Tank straight of the production line
            Hailing victory
            Ah but Goebbels fails to tell all that at best they could only manufacture such 8 number King Tiger Tanks P.CM
            And the day after General Heinz Guerdian
            Reported that in the previous week Germany in the Pripit marshes in Russia had lost over 3200 tanks in a battle with Stalins T32 tanks
            Geurdian reported in his diary a simple entry The War is now lost,explain tomorrow
            And the next day he explained that Germany had lost more tanks in 1 week
            That the Soviets could produce the same number and as Hitler had shut Down panzer 3 & 4 production lines, all in order to produce his war winning Tigers
            Dellusinional such may be labelled the actions and reporting emancipating from the Nazis
            Westminster is now the round peg going down the round hole re.these matters

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              1. Clydebuilt
                I consider it as a matter of great importance to waken them from their delusional dreams of grandeur
                Because in the last 3 months of WW2
                although experts argue over the actual numbers ,nonetheless they all agree that between 2 & 3 million German Nazi citizens committed suicide as the awful realities dawned upon them
                It is a act of human kindness for the ardent unionists to be made aware of where they are heading and the consequences that await their demise


            1. What is ‘Britain’? There definitely seems to be an identity crisis and I don’t think Brexit is helping either. Grt Britain, Britain, UK, Brits, who are the people inhabiting this so called island. Looking at international news, know one seems very clear on that.
              Scotland’s identity is undermined by the ‘union’,


              1. Arthetty
                The term Great Britain has no real origins other than a slip of the tongue which for a short period in our past history became the norm
                Today anyone seriously referring to these Island Nations as currently being so
                Is either or both
                Dellusional or what may termed as Not hard of hearing but one of serious hard of Thought


          2. ArtyHetty,
            The Tories are certainly not finished if a poll I saw today is anything to go by. It was for Westminster voting intentions and showed that the Tories had a 13-point lead over Labour. I should have noted when it was carried out but was too shocked to note such details. Of course it says as much about the state of Labour as it does of the Tories.

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  3. When will No’s get the message . . . . . . Waiting for Brexit pain to kick in . . . .

    Food shortages . . . . No cement. . . . Fishermen going down the swanney. . . . It’ll be like a huge alarm clock wakening the NO’s up

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    1. We can only hope.

      Unfortunately, I can foresee many saying “Just imagine how bad it would be if we weren’t in the yoonyun.” Would love to be proven wrong on that one…

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      1. Aye But . . . . . . If it’s pain caused by Brexit . . . . Everyone and their dug will know the pain has been caused by being in the union


  4. Vote Tory to die younger. Life expectancy going down. Lowering pensions and charging over 75’s for licence fee. The Tories will be voted out. Older people vote.


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