Major milestone in SNP vaccination programme not reported

Despite a Scottish Government announcement, Reporting Scotland has chosen to ignore this major milestone.

As a rule, they love milestones and made much of the 10 000 deaths milestone in Scotland announcing it before it had even been reached. BBC UK ignored their own 100 000 milestone for some reason.

Here’s what they clearly didn’t like the sound of:

The vaccination programme will complete first doses for all over 18s who have attended their scheduled appointments at close of play on Sunday 18 July.

Second doses continue to be scheduled and it is expected all adults will have received them by Sunday 12 September.

Some of those eligible have rearranged their initial appointment for health or work reasons and will get their first dose shortly. Anyone else who has not yet received their first dose for whatever reason is urged to head to a local drop-in clinic or go to NHS Inform to book an appointment convenient for them.

Health Secretary Humza Yousaf said:

“It is testament to the incredible work being done by all those involved in the vaccination programme that we have reached this milestone of giving first doses to all those who attended their scheduled appointments.

“I want to thank them and of course, everyone who has taken up their offer of a vaccine as each and every one is playing their part in helping us out of the pandemic and of course, protecting themselves and those around them.

“For anyone who hasn’t yet come forward, we urge you to do so now. We have made getting a vaccination easier than ever – head to one of the drop-in clinics being offered across the country or, if you prefer, book an appointment online at NHS Inform. Please check your NHS board’s social media posts for the latest information on where you can attend.

“All of the evidence says that the vaccines are working as we continue to battle the faster-transmitting Delta variant which is now dominant so I urge everyone to take advantage of the vaccination programme which is open to every adult in Scotland.”

9 thoughts on “Major milestone in SNP vaccination programme not reported

  1. The vaccination programme will complete first doses for all over 18s who have attended their scheduled appointments at close of play on Sunday 18 July.
    This just says that those who made an appointment and turned up got a jag – milestone?


    1. Of course it’s a milestone. Remember England were claiming milestones when they had only offered “jabs” as they insist on calling them.

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  2. Didnt take long for the BEEB to get Baroness Ruthie on their Politics Live show (Tory/Labour only).
    Ruth Dame-itsDone! was on to disparage Cummings and protect Boris–surprise surprise–not!
    Ruth Dame-itsDone! will be front and centre of every program from now till the referendum on the colonial BEEB.

    Baroness Lundon-Slinks makes ermine look like a blingy brown envelope.

    But she is a barrel of laughs–or is that just barrel?

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  3. Update from me, just chatting to neighbour I hardly see, but it’s sunny they were sitting outside. Daughter lives in London, talking about Covid of course, and, me saying how bad it is down in England, beighbour, ‘oh I think it’s worse here’, (see the ‘news’ for that myth).
    She is going to check out Travelling tabby to get the real stats…at least seems open to looking at other ways to see what’s really going on. People are mostly open to knowing the truth, but sadly, in Scotland, the so called media could hardly be working harder to keep the truth from the people.

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    1. “…but sadly, in Scotland, the so called media could hardly be working harder to keep the truth from the people”
      In Scotland’s case there is a specific political target, but let’s not fool ourselves England is being told the truth either, your Travellingtabby example wonderfully illustrates the point:-
      Your neighbour swallowed the relentless SMSM “tragedy” over Scotland.
      Her daughter swallowed the syndicated Scotland “tragedy” and presumes the silence over England means things are better there.
      Both are victims of this scam, the most difficult part is for them recognising it.

      From the political/media hysterics over Care-Home deaths in Scotland (England followed the exact same guidelines yet media silence), to the recent “Scotland Covid Hotspots” (momentarily exceeded SOME English figures for WHO agglomerated areas), the pattern is obvious – The media is lying (either under direction, coercion, or control over what information they receive) with Scotland the regular diversion/distraction to England’s woes.

      At least by pointing at Travellingtabby you’ve opened the door to the truth the media and politicians are trying (and succeeding) to distort…

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  4. Oh and well done SNP for making sure the vaccination programme in Scotland is going so well. Does three hundred quid a day from the public purse untRuth, get paid for her verbal nonsense and lies on the BBC.

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