Bottom line is face coverings and masks provide protection

So, not for the first time, a decent man works to save lives and is attacked by a bunch of creeps for what they hope is political gain and clicks on their website.

How the Herald chose to present the story.

Swinney must have advisers and researchers. He made a wee mistake. They should have prevented it but as Doctor Steedman says in the last paragraph of 20 – the bottom line – face coverings and masks provide protection.

Nit-picking is fine when the target has evil intent or is bumptious but, please, remember what John Swinney’s purpose was – to save lives.

How low can they go?

15 thoughts on “Bottom line is face coverings and masks provide protection

  1. The colonial Brit Nat media.
    Ignore Quasi-Hobo and his–
    “let the bodies pile up”…..and
    “its only the over eighties who die” craperooni.

    But jump all over a decent man trying to save lives.

    They wouldn’t recognise *journalism* if it bit them on their well-padded arses.

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    1. The one and only mistake that was and can be made is voting NO with regards Indy
      Norway with its similar population as Scotland but Independent
      To date have 796 deaths but + positive growth economically compared pre pandemic
      Meanwhile Scotland has 7813 deaths
      And massive economic damage much still to filter through
      The No side have plenty Blood on their hands and poured £ Billions down the drain
      I shall countenance no rebuke or counter argument whatsoever from any
      Facts are Facts
      Truth is Truth
      No Coital Bovine Scatology here

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      1. Oooooh, I see.

        Well, of course, they had to report it then. Didn’t they?

        I mean, they’d never use inaccurate or unproven information, would they?

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      2. I know they are not guinea pigs but hamsters:
        Methods: We used a well-established golden Syrian hamster SARS-CoV-2 model. We placed SARS-CoV-2-challenged index hamsters(infected) and naive hamsters into closed system units each comprising 2 different cages separated by a polyvinyl chloride air porous partition with unidirectional airflow within the isolator.
        The effect of a surgical mask partition placed between the cages was investigated. Besides clinical scoring, hamster specimens were tested for viral load, histopathology, and viral nucleocapsid antigen expression.

        Results: Noncontact transmission was found in 66.7% (10/15) of exposed naive hamsters.
        Surgical mask partition for challenged index or naive hamsters significantly reduced transmission to 25% (6/24, P = .018).
        Surgical mask partition for challenged index hamsters(infected) significantly reduced transmission to only 16.7% (2/12, P = .019) of exposed naive hamsters.
        Unlike the severe manifestations of challenged hamsters, infected naive hamsters had lower clinical scores, milder histopathological changes, and lower viral nucleocapsid antigen expression in respiratory tract tissues.


  2. They really are trying anything to get a negative SNP story and it you look at the comments the SiU mob are going at it like ever demented wasps.

    But hey, as others have said who is buying their paper anymore?

    Tom Gordons house and garage must be full of them.

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  3. Aye, dragged up at the FM Covid Update, frankly embarrassing, for the journalists, as you say, a decent man and government criticised for trying….

    By sheer coincidence this morning I’d re-posted similar which had turned up on my FB timeline from last year, much the same idea but labelled “Probability of contagion”.

    Last slide has “None” as probability, a masked face walking off left, the unmasked face with a speech bubble “Boris Johnson is doing his best”.
    Perhaps I should have forwarded it to the Herald….

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  4. This was the story in the Herald that would be the Herald whose main front page story was – potholes. A story provided by the Tories who had calculated potholes had increased fivefold under the SNP. Potholes, really? There was no other story in the wide world that was more deserving of such a front page spread – Covid? – corruption in Westminster? – monumental chaos of Freedom Day? – fires, floods, pestilence and plague? Nope, potholes.

    The Herald has given up any pretence of being a serious newspaper.

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  5. Legerwood: I think we have to change our past views on the Herald and Scotsman, in that we think of them as still being major players in Scottish print media.

    In my opinion, they are not, they are vastly outsold by the Press and Journal and The Dundee Courier. Can I be sure of this today, well no. But they at least the P&J and Courier show recent circulation figures that outpace the Herald and Scotsman before the Herald and Scotsman were so embarrassed in their poor sales that they downgraded themselves to avoid disclosing their poor print circulation.

    I must admit I still view the Herald on-line, but its a poison den of nonsense of their own making. Will we really miss it?

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    1. Possibly not but then there are some things they cover – the arts, book reviews etc – that might not get coverage tto the same extent in such a compact way. Relatively minor perhaps but still …


  6. Sales Scotland

    Herald 30,000
    Scotsman 20,000

    Same readers?

    P&J 50,000

    National 12,000

    Daily Record + Sun 1/2 million. Sun biggest selling. The cheapest?

    The Sun has sometimes supported Nicola and the Scottish Gov.

    Davidson fawning on UK news. Liar. Hypocrite.

    The Covid rates in the UK (south) the worst in Europe. Johnston and Westminster mismanagement.

    Diversions all around.

    BBC Nine 20,000. Trying to hide viewing figures,


  7. Potholes (unionist) councils responsibility.

    The Scottish Gov built the AWPR, Queensferry Bridge, roads railways, hospitals and houses. The unionists never did.

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