‘Scottish’ Daily Express urged to get a grip on basic journalism


I, of course, won’t be turning any of their smelly pages to see just who is urging anything. My guess:

Anyhow, here’s a thought Tom Martin, want to see and use some facts?

Scotland ahead of the rest on the first jag and in second place on the second.

Scotland, per head of population, less than half the infection rate of England yesterday and fewer cases than Wales or Northern Ireland, yet with a bigger population than those two.

Note, yesterday, that England with 55 million population had almost as many new cases as the whole EU with more than 400 million population.

Note, how full independence has enabled Ireland to control the virus better than Scotland despite not developing any vaccines itself?

Why do I bother? Some people do still buy the Express. My father-in-law used to buy it because he felt the Daily Record was biased in favour of………….the Rangers!


8 thoughts on “‘Scottish’ Daily Express urged to get a grip on basic journalism

  1. I do wish the SNP would get a grip, of Scotland’s media and the Forres Gump’s thrapple.
    Martin like the dishonourable Sarah has not the slightest compunction in abusing media position to sell mendacity of Labour or Tory origin, yet what they fail to recognise is Scots take matters of societal health seriously enough to dig out information which then reveals the scam.
    DRoss and the media in Scotland are on a hiding to nothing with this tripe.

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  2. OT John, was a little curious to see what HMS Sarah Smith were up to with “Covid in Scotland: What are the rules at level zero?” and “Covid restrictions ease as Scotland moves to level zero” on the main Scotland page, the latter replicated on the Politics page alongside the ludicrous “Covid in Scotland: Nearly a third of young adults still unvaccinated” story and a featurette on their pal Baroness Davidson of London links….

    The telltale comments flag was what drew attention, and right enough dial-a-mob were out in force to “open everything up” etc., Dictator, blah, blah, the usual.

    I was left wondering if dial-a-mob’s contract has a minimum contributions clause, a certain level of smear which must be achieved per day or week…🤔

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    1. I was really disappointed to see Dr. Campbell (who I have watched and respected for his upadtes and info about Covid on YouTube) yesterday say that ‘England and Scotland have EASED restrictions’. I knew he was England centric but that is very misleading. He gets a lot of views and is held in high regard by other health professionals, especially around the world. I don’t have a YT ‘channel’ myself to comment & correct him.
      Anyway, reality, UK= England, myth, UK=’country’, myth, ‘NHS= UK/NHS’.
      It’s very damaging for Scotland, this union, so called.

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      1. Dr. Campbell was interviewed yesterday, by DW news in the US and they headline it as ‘England lifting restrictions’, but of course they then go on to talk about the ‘Brits’. It’s enough to make you tear your hair out!

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      2. Oh don’t be too hard on Dr Campbell for interpreting the facts as he sees them, he is clearly unaware of the subtle differences, frankly no surprise given the entire UK media is pre-occupied with the unfolding disaster in England and international condemnation of what is about to unfold.
        Similarly the England v Scotland issue – This has been deliberately conflated for many years by HMG, the majority of US citizens unless in the military and stationed in Scotland know no different, EN=UK=GB, Scotland is some weird enclave, possibly those offshore islands above England.
        The devil is in the detail, right now the world’s focus is on the giant haystack impersonator called Boris because they can’t figure out why England hired a elitist moron despite lessons from the US electing Trump.
        Little do they realise his understudy is waiting in the wings to appear to ride to the rescue and continue the same ideological insanity.
        How Scotland gets on their radar ? Independence.


  3. No point in complaining about the ”Scottish” Express ( or the ”Scottish” Mail ) as they shamelessly print lies and distortion on a daily basis .
    They clearly have an agreed agenda and are as impartial as Joseph Goebbels discussing Jewish ethnicity .
    They are also as Scottish as Prince Charles in a kilt !

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