Is Japan facing a fourth wave of Covid infections?

The BBC is reporting on the pandemic in Japan just as it did in India or Brazil, without context.

Here’s an obvious question viewers might want the answer to:

How does the infection level in Japan compare with that in England?

See this

At 59.7 per 100 0000 compared with 2, it’s 30 times higher in England!

Where is the tsunami?

3 thoughts on “Is Japan facing a fourth wave of Covid infections?

  1. It is in the new BBC Charter …Global Britain is a World Leader in everything – except Covid !
    It is a bit like the Blackadder sketch . In order to stop anyone knowing he was in love with a ‘man’ , the wise woman’s advice was to ” kill everyone in the world ”.

    So with Covid , the BBC has to cover up the appalling rates of UK infection by ignoring them and talking up everyone else’s as if they were worse than the UK.
    I think it is called Propaganda ( or lying ! )

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    1. James
      It is most certainty propaganda and straight out of Goebbels play book
      Where he in a manner of fashion he clearly states
      That it is what you do NOT tell the people that is of the highest importance
      Because then you shall make the people your enemy
      And that is more deadly to the State than
      Any foe upon the battlefield
      In conclusion one can only come to the logical conclusion that Boris and all his cohorts are in a work of progress in turning the UK into a quasi dictatorship
      Fashioned to what they call a democracy


  2. As has been highlighted many times before, if nobody is doing worse than England, create the impression they are, be that Scotland, India, or even tiny Nepal who have excelled despite scant resources..
    That the principal media in the UQ is colluding in this con is quite extraordinary, that they think the rest of the world hasn’t noticed is incomprehensible.

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