After 12 years of SNP Government, Scotland has levelled up

Untroubled by the facts, like the older guy next door who tells you, based on the ‘Scottish’ Daily Mail, that everything is getting worse and that wee nippie sweetie Nicola is to blame, Brian Macwhirter groans from the wings.

I’m not going to dig up all the sources. I’ve provided them all before here. They are all easily accessed online these days but here are some examples of levelling up and down where that makes sense, I can think of quickly:

  1. The old Labour-neglected, lower life-expectancy almost gone and life-expectancy now greater than all but the more affluent regions in England.
  2. Stillbirth and infant mortality lower than in England due to SNP Government initiatives and more health visitors per head of population.
  3. A far better performing NHS
  4. Free prescriptions, student fees and bus passes.
  5. Lower child poverty and lower persistent poverty than elsewhere in UK.
  6. Much lower crime for around ten years now.
  7. Significantly more police officers, firefighters, teachers, nurses, midwives, GPs and consultants.
  8. Net income for lower-earners, higher than elsewhere in UK due to SNP progressive taxation.
  9. Better human rights policies and record applauded by UN.
  10. Greater benefits for children in poverty and for the disabled applauded by several.
  11. More affordable housing
  12. Higher building standards maintained so no Grenfell or mass flooding of housing areas.
  13. Far lower Covid infections and death.
  14. A higher percentage of pupils leaving with qualifications.

Some of these achievements have their roots in the Labour administrations before, but they have been maintained in the teeth of Tory austerity policies. A Labour government over the last 12 years would have buckled.

I’m off to walk the dog. Dear readers, add the ones I’ve missed.

5 thoughts on “After 12 years of SNP Government, Scotland has levelled up

  1. Dreadful news, for the BritNats, can’t have Scotland doing good for their own people, no way! One thing, I’m not so sure about some of these ‘achievements having roots in Labour admin’, their legacy to Scotland is one of massive debt for councils, via their PFI schemes, (scams) and, they sent
    ¬£1.5 BILLIONS back to Westminster saying, ‘nothing to spend it on in Scotland’. Not housing, not jobs, education, infrastructure, health, social care, opportunites for the young to get them away from drugs and imported drugs pushers, etc etc. Nope, ‘Nothing’, absolutely criminal.
    Labour led Glasgow city council, spent ¬£millions on denying women workers equal pay, literally taking them to court, crime was massive and so were drugs deaths etc. I can’t think of one positive achievement by Labour branch office in Scotland in the whole of the ten years they were in office at Holyrood. If anyone knows of any, it would be interesting to hear about it.

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