Reporting Scotland stitch-up leading public health expert

So, the Hydro mass vaccination centre is closing because:

Jane Grant, NHSGGC’s chief executive, said: “The SSE Hydro and NHS Louisa Jordan Hospital have both played a really significant role in enabling NHSGGC to deliver our vaccination programme.

“Our vaccination rollout has been a great success so far and as we now move into the next stage of the programme and look ahead to potential Covid-19 vaccine booster requirements, it is important we can continue to provide an accessible and flexible service to members of the public.

“This is why our focus is now very much on community drop-ins and the use of mobile vaccination facilities which allow us to continue to connect with communities as well as make provision for people who may not be able to attend a scheduled appointment due to work or family commitments.”

In the full interview transcript though not in the broadcast, Professor Bauld said:

Prof Linda Bauld, a public health expert from Edinburgh University, said closing the vaccination hub at the Hydro did not appear to be a positive step.

She told the BBC: “Clearly they’ve done an assessment, but if you think about how it appears it doesn’t appear that that’s a positive step, because what we want is as many places that are as convenient as possible for young people to go, and that also have large capacity to accommodate the numbers who still need to be vaccinated.”

She added: “We’ve really only got about two thirds of the adult population who’ve had a second dose, so there’s lots of people who still need one.

“The Hydro was useful, just because these mass vaccination centres have been used around the UK to really good effect

“I hope that that is not a mistake and that the ease of access we particularly need for people in their 20s and 30s will continue to be the case.”

Reporting Scotland have filleted Bauld’s statement and hardened the wording it to make it seem more critical than it was.

She did not say it was not a positive step.

She may be a prof but they have that nasty wee sharpness of the gutter about them enabling her to be taken advantage of.

Naturally for them, they also let the Scottish Tory leader, Douglas Ross, have wee tirade against ‘The SNP Scottish Government’. Both knew that he was contradicting his on Westminster boss:

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3 thoughts on “Reporting Scotland stitch-up leading public health expert

  1. Every dog has its day
    And its coming for awe that
    Show me a Broadcaster O independent mind
    And their abin awe that


  2. Sadly unsurprising, when their search for anything by which to criticise or sow doubt over SG finds nought, create one.

    The relentless negativity is obviously intended to depress the public, yet instead of denting SG credibility they only damage their own.

    Even in the bleakest of weather the sun will break through occasionally, PQ, Ross, Sarwar etc., are that unnatural permanent dark cloud.

    Liked by 1 person

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