Fascist tendencies

Me in 1939 before I decided to become a beatnik

More than seven years, thousands of posts, and yesterday for the first time, I banned someone from this blog.

They accused me of supporting fascism and ‘erasing’ women but that wasn’t the reason for the ban. They’d been peeing off other readers for some time now and, perhaps, driving some away.

On seeing the ban, they accused me of being an intellectual fraud. Maybe.

Sigh, 7 years after the last time I failed an essay, I felt I had been able to return to the the pre-teacher me.

5 thoughts on “Fascist tendencies

  1. Some people read blogs to read the comments and to exchange information. No comments, less readers.

    Some people have mental health issues or are obsessive. They are just letting off steam. It makes them feel better.

    Everyone should have a voice.


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