BBC Scotland ignores Douglas Ross contradicting UK Vaccines Minister on vaccine centre closures

Every day, another made up concern about the SNP pandemic management. Today the decision to close the mass vaccination centre is presented by BBC Scotland as a platform for the opposition to play their usual game of attacking anything at all regardless of any sense.

Only a few days ago they were arguing for a reduced gap between the first and second doses, until a JCVI expert prof disagreed with them. They’ve moved on to this one today.

They even seem to have caught out the otherwise savvy Professor Bauld and, perhaps in a rush, she said:

Prof Linda Bauld, a public health expert from Edinburgh University, said closing the vaccination hub at the Hydro did not appear to be a positive step.

She told the BBC: “Clearly they’ve done an assessment, but if you think about how it appears it doesn’t appear that that’s a positive step, because what we want is as many places that are as convenient as possible for young people to go, and that also have large capacity to accommodate the numbers who still need to be vaccinated.”

She added: “We’ve really only got about two thirds of the adult population who’ve had a second dose, so there’s lots of people who still need one.

“The Hydro was useful, just because these mass vaccination centres have been used around the UK to really good effect

“I hope that that is not a mistake and that the ease of access we particularly need for people in their 20s and 30s will continue to be the case.”

She hasn’t done her homework. Ross and Baillie don’t have the brains to try.

29 paragraphs down, from the health board:

This is why our focus is now very much on community drop-ins and the use of mobile vaccination facilities which allow us to continue to connect with communities as well as make provision for people who may not be able to attend a scheduled appointment due to work or family commitments.

Ross, in particular, but Bauld too, should have known that before, because nearly a month ago:

BBC UK/England did not cover the above. Sir Starmer made no comment.

Yet, Ross said:

It’s baffling that the SNP have chosen this moment to shut the Hydro for vaccinations from Sunday. Everyone looking at this decision will be scratching their heads.

As Scottish party leader, Westminster MP and match official, should Douglas Ross be alert to signals from England’s jag boss?

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2 thoughts on “BBC Scotland ignores Douglas Ross contradicting UK Vaccines Minister on vaccine centre closures

  1. Poor Dross – so much of the logistics of fighting a pandemic ”is baffling ” to him . he really needs to get back to the fitba’ and leave health matters to the professionals .
    Now if we have a Foot and mouth epidemic , Dross is your go-to-man for quotes as he is into cows in a big way . ( I think I should re-phrase that – but can’t be arsed ! )

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