Scottish staycation guide for Guardian AND Telegraph readers

Few places don’t say ‘escape’ like a road verge in Scotland?

The Guardian today has a lovely guide to 10 of Scotland’s best island retreats. At TuS (Tidying-up Scotland) we thought a guide to the laybies (?) and road verges just out of shot in the Guardian photos might be useful.

Remember, Scottish pandemic measures apply. You must wear a face mask in shops but you can take it off while trying, for the 17th time, to reverse your camper van into a space just 2 inches longer than the van and with a big muddy sheugh or schuch also just inches away.

Fàilte gu Alba!

5 thoughts on “Scottish staycation guide for Guardian AND Telegraph readers

  1. Related, but maybe not completely on topic.
    I was pleased to note in – I think – the Grauniad that the most popular staycation destinations were Wales (sorry, Wales – you have enough problems as it is) and Cumbria. The latter is, presumably, the Lakes.

    I do want Scottish tourism to flourish, of course. But not when a highly transmissible virus is on the loose, being brought here from hot spots by people who often don’t think/realise that Scotland’s got different laws.

    That said, we got away on our delayed-by-15-months long weekend to Skye in early June. The places we visited were just pleasantly busy (bar the Fairy Pools, which was crowded). Parking, however, was a nightmare. Most of the car parks are quite small – obviously not designed for the number of visitors they’re now getting. Not designed to take numerous ‘mobile homes’ either!

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  2. English cultural narcissism has been encouraged through the principle of Parliamentary sovereignty, which separates Britain from international law and order. So it is only natural that English claims to Scotland’s commons are satisfied in full. Unfortunately, the SNP will be unable to resist English nationalism if they continue to force Scots law to reject the theory of evolution.

    A cultural species: How culture drove human evolution
    A multi-disciplinary framework for understanding culture, cognition and behavior.


  3. P.S. Though I’m uncertain of Scotland’s current legal position regarding the EU, I posted the EU’s Social Charter the other day, so that folks could see that Westminster is perfectly content to strip Scots of legal rights defined in international law. Which is why the SNP have been able to redefine the legal identity of women, so as to include biological men.

    If Scots law hopes to be fit for the 21st century, it will need to step out from under Westminster and British constitutional hostility towards the Natural law.

    Applying evolutionary theory to human behaviour: past differences and current debates


  4. Can Scotland start charging for parking for tourists…like they do in the Lakes in England. Went there a few years ago with family from Aussieland, and quite frankly it was abit disneyfied, and of course expensive, and packed everywhere. It’s all private ‘no trespass’ land with far too much barbed wire everywhere, maybe it was always like that.

    Scotland needs to get something out of the massive amount of folk travelling in to occupy Scotland’s roads, car parks and camp sites, ie, £’s!
    Hope shops etc all have huge signs up saying ‘this is Scotland, pretty please wear a mask’. ‘This is Scotland’ is a line from an old Sherlock Holmes film I watched a few months ago, when the Lundon police charge up to Scotland, to follow the villains, and it needed saying, and the line, ‘you are in Scotland now’. Love it!

    Scotland, you need to cash in on the tourism at least!!

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  5. Global warming brings the midgies oot.

    Scotland makes £Billions from tourism. Edinburgh is one of the most visited cities. Hotel and self catering prices have never been higher and all booked up. There is no room at the inn. Only camping left.

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