Never mind the falling data, BBC Scotland has some worrying out-of-date estimates from England to deceive you

Just like Anas Sarwar yesterday refusing to accept the JCVI expert’s demolition of his idea that we should do second doses quicker, so BBC Scotland are ignoring the actual data and going to estimates already 6 days old, from the ONS, the English equivalent of our NRS, to report:

One in every 90 people in Scotland is [was in week-ending 10th July] infected with Covid, say experts from the Office for National Statistics. Latest data from swab tests in the community suggests case numbers have risen again across much of the UK. The Scottish figure is up from one in every 100 the previous week – and compares with one in every 95 in England, one in 290 in Northern Ireland and one in 360 in Wales.

So, first, the above suggests things are worse in Scotland when they’re really not:

The ONS estimates are based on data for the week ending 10th July, 6 days ago. Actual infection levels have been falling fast in Scotland for nearly two weeks now and in sharp contrast climbing fast in the other three parts of the UK – facts not out-of-date estimates.

Case numbers have risen again across much of the UK? Not so.

14 thoughts on “Never mind the falling data, BBC Scotland has some worrying out-of-date estimates from England to deceive you

  1. Most disturbing is the fact the BBC, and other British Nationalist media, actually WANT Scotland to have infection and high death rates in order to demonise the SNP. It’s clear as day where the EngGovs’ interests lie, and their wholesale control over the ‘media’ is less than democratic, it’s terrifying in fact.

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  2. As the person responsible for balance and honesty. In all matters pertaining to the reporting of the Absurdistan Broadcasting Coporation( BBC )
    I have advised them most strongly to update their corona data strictly as follows
    New cases as of 17/6 /21
    Scotland 2047
    England 46783
    Pro rata per head of population
    England has a infection rate 127 % higher than Scotland
    Given the gravity of such matters i have let it be known beyond all doubt that if not corrected today
    Then let it be known that upon Independence that their rights to employment WILL be reduced to none other than that of a Toilet Attendant
    And with no disrespect to those who are currently employed in vital public services such as this

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      1. Robert
        Would not it be good if all who want to and can
        Via social media platforms relevant to Indy and Unionism
        Post such satirical posts with regards the
        ABC ( Formerly referred to as BBC )
        Satire was deployed to great effect by Poland and Hungary in ridding them of the Soviet colonial yoke
        The pen indeed can be mightier than the Sword

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  3. The wide ranging infection figures for the 4 Nations are suspicious.

    The ONS quote confidence intervals for their infection data, which are hardly believable – just like the confidence intervals quoted in GERS. Despite asking, nobody has been able to explain where the latter come from, or point me to analysis that justifies them. I strongly suspect there are statistical biases, which the BBC would not understand – as we know they are much better at political bias.

    The Andrew Kerr report on the news where you are today at lunchtime was a perfect example of the political bias. Labour’s call for the 4 week interval was given more air time, and he failed to provide the JCVI quote which would have demolished their claim.

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  4. Agreed John, last week the UK’s favourite Covid Hotspot even so far as Kazakhstan, this week dumped like a one night stand, or as Johnson knows it, a wife.

    Resort to UK figures and the Marr selective retrospective is a sure sign it’s all going “tits up” in England, naturally the Scots should feel included in Bitter Together, getting Sick Together, dying Together, bodies piled high in the Street Together campaign, they are the designated drunks in #10 policy, what.

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    1. Many thanks for the link Scott. That is a VERY WORTHWHILE read. As iusedtobeenglish says, it may not be surprising for regular readers of TuS but to take in such an in-depth, wide-ranging analysis from a credible commentator looking in from Germany it is still sobering.

      Whether we achieve independence for Scotland or not, the direction of travel of Tory-dominated England should be of urgent concern to all true democrats. And especially worrying as the article notes, the Tory government retains public popularity in the part of the UK that electorally always dominates.

      From the essay, a few extracts:

      “Boris Johnson came to power thanks to lies, half-truths and sleights of hand. Back in 2019, his friends in the Conservative Party and his critics who cared about the future of the United Kingdom all hoped that he would not be able to continue in that vein as Prime Minister. Eighteen months after his triumphant election victory, the opposite is the case. Johnson has remained true to himself and is now more popular than ever before.”

      “Johnson has shifted some in his party so far to the right that attacks on the justice system and the media are part of everyday life, with potentially fatal consequences for parliamentary democracy in the UK.”

      And: “Future generations are going to wonder how a shameless Prime Minister with only a passing acquaintance with the truth could have got away with it so easily in one of the oldest Western democracies. The answer to that question is complicated, but the British media have played a significant role in all of this, having increasingly failed in their duty to hold the government to account. Even before the Brexit referendum, by far the greater part of the British press exercised little or no corrective function.”

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