Talking-up Scotland gives Andrew Neil a doing!

Neil in Lord of the Rings 4: Orcs in the Newsroom

Even though in decline from it’s glory days, with 5 000 visitors a day, in May 2020, Talking-up Scotland remains far more popular than Andrew Neil’s GB News which attracted zero viewers during some of its broadcasts this week, according to official television audience figures produced by rating agency Barb.

TuS had 1 407 visitors yesterday and 2 217 on the 4th of July.

Neil was said to have given Nicola Sturgeon ‘a doing’ by the far-from-lovely Ruth Davidson, last year.

Footnote: That’s the nicest image of Neil I could find.

4 thoughts on “Talking-up Scotland gives Andrew Neil a doing!

  1. Neil the Brexit supporter who lives in the south of France. The two faced liar. BBC corruption. Westminster controlled propaganda. Cost £5Billion a year.

    He is gone.

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  2. Breaking News
    Andrew Neil in a desperate bid to boost his ratings has elected to adorn a SS uniform c/w a Swastika arm band
    Oh well and at last some honesty from him
    Heil Neil

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  3. GB News is the media equivalent of the LibDems . There already existed a conduit ( BBC , SKY , Daily Mail ,…)for their nonsense but Andra thought HE could do it better .
    Sadly , like the LibDems , nobody listens to the monkey when the Organ grinder is talking .


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