Death rate less than one eighth of January figure so no basis for Project Fear

On the shelves behind a working-from-home BBC Scotland presenter yesterday, I spotted the spine of a book titled ‘Project Fear.’ I meant to go straight to my PC and capture the deeply ironic image but then forgot and can’t see it now.

It was this one:

Reporters and MSPs do not have to wear masks at Holyrood

However, I can’t even find her name now.

Anyhow, never mind, they’re still working away to make us worry and to keep us too anxious to consider going it alone.

One day with a high death rate and that news jumps into the headline.

It is a fact. It did happen but it’s not informative. It doesn’t tell you what the trend is and, crucially for you, what is likely to happen in the future. This graph does:

The trend is, compared with that in January 2021, a very small increase in deaths after a period of increasing infection levels but with these now falling, little to fear.

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2 thoughts on “Death rate less than one eighth of January figure so no basis for Project Fear

  1. Thanks mainly to your efforts John along with other Tuskers/Contributors there will surely come a time soon where headlines such as this in the Beeb and the MSMedia will not merit any notice or comment as increasingly even the unwashed will recognise this blatant negative propaganda for what it is. Keep it going John it is much appreciated by us all who believe in truth and integrity from our Politicians and those reporting.

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  2. “Covid Capital of Europe” will be with us until the end of time, or independence (and the scrapping of BEEB Hootsmon).

    There is a book titles ‘Project Fear’ by Joe Pike, which I heard about some time ago, but have never read.

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