Diverting funds the Tory and SNP ways

He’s back again, taking turns with Macwhirter, to predict the end of the First Minister. As with his pal, the language skirts the fringes of misogyny and sado-masochistic erotica.

Gordon, unlike Macwhirter, avoids suggesting she is like a headmistress but instead goes for that dark dom, Darth Vader, to describe her.

There was I thinking, Princess Leia.

Anyhow, to business, the SNP collected money from its members to fund a second independence referendum then spent some of it on other things.

That does sound wrong and it should investigated.

But, they didn’t take money from right-wing, Unionist, dark forces in Northern Ireland to then overspend on campaigning in a Scottish election, like Ruth Davidson did. Did Gordon seek a grinding for Ruth? She too loved the notion of Nicola getting a ‘doing’ from Andrew Neil or the SNP getting a ‘kicking’ in elections.

And, they didn’t use taxpayer’s money allocated for research into pandemic measures and divert some of it into research for an anti-independence campaign, like Michael Gove did: https://www.scotsman.com/news/politics/pressure-on-michael-gove-over-covid-money-spent-on-union-poll-ahead-of-scotland-visit-3288113

Or give Covid money to a pal as Gove did: https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/dark-money-investigations/michael-gove-broke-law-over-covid-contracts-high-court-rules/

Or divert Covid recovery cash to rich Tory areas as Gove did: https://www.thelondoneconomic.com/politics/government-accused-of-diverting-coronavirus-relief-cash-to-richer-tory-councils-with-lower-infection-rates-189118/

Or divert cash from council schools to his ‘free schools’ programme as Gove did: https://www.lgcplus.com/services/children/gove-diverted-cash-from-council-schools-lib-dems-claim-12-05-2014/

No, I’m not going to use Gove and grinding in the same sentence, again.

Will the FM be ground down? History tells us no as opinion polls continue to reinforce her reputation for competence and trust.

Does Tom Gordon have no choice? Is he a hamster on a wheel?

9 thoughts on “Diverting funds the Tory and SNP ways

  1. This strikes me as coming from the same place as England’s right wing press who continually predict the death of the Euro or the EU.
    They wish.

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  2. The SNP gets money from the members and supporters. The Tory/unionists get funds from banks, developers and tax evaders. Illegal, secret contributions for favours.

    Westminster gives out public funds for illegal.poor contracts. Fraud and corruption. Spends £Billion on illegal wars, tax evasion and financial fraud. Total corruption. Cameron and Greensill Capital. HS2, Hickley Point etc the Tory slush fund. £Billions paid for unscrutinised, illegal contracts.

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  3. These attacks are becoming increasingly nastier and personal, as well as even more frequent.

    I think a comparison can be drawn with the media attacks on Mr Jeremy Corbyn, when he was elected Leader of the Labour Party (twice) by larger majorities than any of his predecessors who participated in a competitive election. Several studies have demonstrated the volume, frequency and ferocity of these ad hominem assaults.

    Shamefully, Mr Corbyn was further attacked by the actions of many Labour MPs and officials. At least the FM has not suffered that although some in the Alba Party are doing this and Ms Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh’s article in the National this week could just as easily have come from Messrs Ross, Sarwar or Rennie both in its content and in the lack of any evidence in support of her assertions.

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  4. Nicola Sturgeon is clearly a huge problem for the BritNat state, they want rid of her. She is liked and respected worldwide, and with the COP26 coming up, to be hosted in Glasgow, (in Scotland OMG!), it’s going to be very difficult for the EngGov and their BritNats in Scotland to hyjack all of the event and ban the FM from attending or speaking, and when she does make a speech or three, the world will be watching and listening.
    The BritNat EngGov installed Tories, supposedly heading the event, all male, will be no match for Nicola, and they all know it.

    Watch yourself Nicola, they are not nice these BritNats in London and their nasty little lackeys in Scotland are being trained like little puppies to attempt to demonise you in whichever way they can. The media is their bestie and the internet is their foe. I hope there are some printers busy soon, with all sorts of interesting stuff about Scotland and Scotland’s attempts to reduce CO2 emissions and invest in renewables etc. Also to big up Scotland as a welcoming international country, open to ethical investors in industry. With big posters and banners on show, and leaflets to hand out before and during the event, would be a good idea imo.

    Just had a thought, would the EngGov quite like if the event had to be cancelled or hosted online…hmmm…put nothing past them.

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    1. “Nicola Sturgeon is clearly a huge problem for the BritNat state, they want rid of her.”

      Nah – she barks a lot, but never bites, so HMG just loves her.
      If anything, they’ll do their damnest to keep her around.


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