BREAKING: Scotland has given more first vaccine doses than any other part of UK

As of today, Scotland has given the First Dose of the Covid vaccine to 72.3% of the population, overtaking the much-vaunted Welsh system at 72.2% and England’s world-beating rollout, at 68.6%.

The gap is expected to widen further in the next few days and weeks.

Reporting Scotland is planning a special edition when we hit 100%.


They haven’t noticed this surge, catching Wales, over the last 4 months. They have other things on their little minds, like today, death:

These shocking developments in the last 24 hours combined with a lower death rate in recent months and over the whole pandemic, mean that mean the death rate in Scotland remains much lower in Scotland, at 142 per 100 000, compared to 201 per 100 000 in England.

Reporting Scotland’s Disclosure team plans an investigation into why there has been so much more death in England than in Scotland.

Kidding again.

6 thoughts on “BREAKING: Scotland has given more first vaccine doses than any other part of UK

  1. Alas, BBC Hootsmon is the antidote to good journalism.
    Or honest reportage.
    Facts are chiels?
    Unadulterated truth?
    Unvarnished, or embellished?
    What we get is Hon Sarah fish-wife tales, gutter trawlings, canteen gossip, and sheer unadulterated bilge pumped out night after night.

    Did you see tonight’s evening news (or on BBC 24) the bit where Boris Johnson was reminded of his bigoted, racist past comments?
    No, neither did I!

    Nope, the scarecrow-like Quasi-hobo huckster gets away with it again!…………………… By Jingo!

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    1. Perhaps an overly dogmatic statement, but western culture needs to wake up to the fact that we simply can’t do without some of human culture’s foundational boundaries. So we’ll need to overcome the cultural belief that the mind and body are remote and unresponsive to each other.

      Individualism and Egalitarianism Can Kill: How Cultural Values Predict Coronavirus Deaths Across the Globe


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