Flag waving buffoon called out by SNP

How Boris Johnson's betrayal will finally bring him crashing down to earth  | Daily Mail Online

From: snpmedia@snpmedia.net 

Ian Blackford MP has called out the Prime Minister for his own racist comments, repeating the powerful statement by footballer Tyrone Mings who said “this government doesn’t get to stoke the fires of racism and then pretend to be disgusted by it when it happens.”

Mr Blackford asked the Prime Minister what sanctions he thinks would be appropriate for someone who publishes racist content – such as describing Africans as ‘flag waving piccaninnies’ with ‘watermelon smiles’ – as previously written by Boris Johnson in a newspaper article. 

Mr Blackford also criticised the UK government’s own report on racism – the Sewell Report – which was published in March, and said that there was no systematic problem in the UK.

The SNP Westminster Leader congratulated the England football team for “an incredible achievement” but said the tragedy of the tournament was the undercurrent of racism, and said it “falls on all of us to face it down and call it out.”

Commenting, Ian Blackford MP said:

“The truth is that the Tory party don’t sanction those who publish racist content – they promote them to be Prime Minister. 

“The legacy of the Prime Minister’s dog whistling has followed him into 10 Downing Street and it is now at the heart of this Tory government. 

“The UK government have recently denied that racism is a problem in the UK in their Sewell Report- I’m sure England’s men’s football team would beg to differ.

“The government doen’t get to condemn the racism of others but deny the racism that they have provoked.”

9 thoughts on “Flag waving buffoon called out by SNP

  1. And in this case they cannot plead dumb,stupid or ignorance
    Boris and all his allies Know full well what they are doing
    And for 1 purpose only
    I.E. Win elections to govern as they wish
    But little do they realise and as far as Scotland concerned
    Tis not a election they win
    But a member Nation of their Preciousssss Union that they LOSE

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  2. Brexit was sold largely through wholesale racist propaganda, inflicted on a public already psychologically and financially traumatised by austerity. Racism is bio-neurologically connected with narcissism, sexist heteronormativity, social-dominance orientation, and right-wing authoritarianism, which is probably why the radical-right is doing its pan in to undermine post-colonial theory. Ably assisted by the radical-left with gender ideology, which articulates the ideological essence of the neo-liberal ‘ethos’.

    Evolutionary Psychology and the Explanation of Ethnic Phenomena

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    1. Cameron
      That is exactly why i stated that they know Exactly what they are doing
      It is part of their master plan
      And plain to all to see if they merely open their once so
      Believe me mouths will be closed

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  3. And as usual the Boris Buffoon Corporation will omit this from the evening agitprop show (Repressing Scotland), in favour of the latest Chicken Little, greetin’ faced victims of a
    “simple twist of fate”…………Or should that be…….
    “words of Britnat hate”.

    What will Iain MacWhittering scribble? :-

    “Boris was right all along, and Sturgeon copied him a fortnight later”.

    Of course that doesn’t explain the lower infection rate or the much lower death toll—but hey, when do facts count when you do your master bidding!

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  4. It really is very sinister, and it reminds me of the Trump regime, where no matter what he did or said, he was kept in office. No matter what Johnson , England’s PM says or does, he is protected by the corporate media, it’s almost as if they are running the show, or at least wielding a very very big influence on political powers in the Westminister government in London.
    Not so sure it will be possible to oust the Tories whenever the next election takes place, it certainly took a lot to oust Trump!

    I was in a shop today buying masks and got chatting to a young Spanish girl behind the till. She said ‘yes we move to level 0 very soon’. She thought it would bethe same devil may care, caution to the wind no matter what, in Scotland, as it will be in England. She has heard some of the FM’s briefing on the ‘news’ last night! So there you have it, people who watch the ‘news’ on TV, those in fact at risk themselves, are being conned into a false sense of security by the so called media…scary.

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  5. The dope on a rope. The terrible Westminster Gov. Lying their pockets. Another few years then their mess will have to be sorted out. Scotland will be Independent. The Tory/unionists will be voted out. Gone.


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