Reporting Scotland putting money before lives and sharing offensive tripe as always

.…to where it was in the 1970s

Most of us know what’s what here. Don’t fn go if you don’t need to! This is just offensive tripe from airport bosses, a bunch of self-interested psychopaths who care for nothing but their inflated salaries.

Straight-off at 1.45pm today, Reporting Scotland siding with the selfish interests of big business and a minority who think their cheap holidays in the sun trump the lives of the many who fear that a new mutation of the virus will arrive and kill their grandparents or condemn their children to a lesser life with long-Covid.

Yesterday, we had that odious chump, Douglas Ross, allowed to undermine the Scottish Government’s careful strategy immediately after the First minister had explained it. BBC UK allow no such disrespect for the Prime Minister and his advisers. Keir Starmer makes no attempt to undermine the strategy. He knows it would be bad for his image.

This is uniquely Reporting Scotland. The BBC Scotland website has not prioritised this story. The petty interests of the travel industry are not even on the radar for BBC Wales or Northern Ireland. They seem to know what matters. What is wrong with the people at Reporting Scotland?

3 thoughts on “Reporting Scotland putting money before lives and sharing offensive tripe as always

  1. When and not if we become Independent
    Then not only the ABC(BBC) but other broadcasters in event of such loaded and distorted reporting should publicly be summoned to appear before a paralmentry commitee at the 1st available date
    And severely rebuked ,appropriate sanctions deployed
    And in the simplest and most stern of manner informed that any repeat and deliberate undermining of government
    Health policies WILL result in immediate
    Loss of licence to broadcast
    Along with a report to the Prosecutors office to investigate and prosecute the individual or any responsible
    With no doubt whatsoever that the full force of the Law shall be brought to bear


  2. The airlines got funding from Gov worldwide. All the major airlines got subsidies and funding. People who had flights booked and paid for got vouchers. Cancelled because of covid. Many will got vouchers which will not be used. More monies for the airlines. Not covered by insurance.

    People having staycations are boosting the economy. Places are booked up and prices are at a premium. Swings and roundabout.


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