Jackie Baillie’s numeracy lags behind most weans

Yesterday, Labour’s Finance Spokesperson, Jackie Baillie, revealed both a wee plus and several minuses for her private education.

Her claim that Scotland’s vaccine effort lags behind the rest of the UK is bizarre when you see the data:


Scotland is, to be precise, very precise, a teeny 0.03% behind Wales, though closing fast, and probably ahead by the time you read this, but, requiring no such precision, miles ahead of England and Northern Ireland.

That’s first jags but on second jags, though 5.5% behind Wales, we’re still ahead of England and Northern Ireland.

So, to be fair, Jackie, that’ll be mince again.

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4 thoughts on “Jackie Baillie’s numeracy lags behind most weans

  1. Jackie Baillie’s pronouncements are generally met with muffled guffaws these days, except in the media of course, that bast…. of democracy.
    It’s not her numeracy skills which require attention but her moral compass.

    When you start a brazen lie, it really doesn’t matter how much media support you get to repeat it ad nauseum, when the public can readily check travellingtabby or other sources of information on their mobile phones your credibility is shot.

    This is the Labour, Tory and BBC dilemma, nobody believes a word they say any more, and they don’t have the wit to see it through arrogance.

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    1. Unfortunately the public don’t look at travellingtabby et al, they read the headlines from the papers and listen to and watch BBC.

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  2. This ‘lagging’ with vaccinations is a recent media trope, which they simply repeat ad nauseam. The slimy Jon Snow on the egregious Channel 4 News last night repeated it in his introduction to Ciaran Jenkins’ usual hatchet job on Scotland, during which the Manager of Edinburgh Airport, regular media go-to because of his aggressive anti-SG outbursts, was interviewed.

    In the early days of the pandemic deaths in Scotland were routinely described as ‘no different from the rest of the UK’, despite them being less than 2/3 of the rate for England and Wales, while Northern Ireland’s rate was even lower.

    However, led by the baleful Kirsty Wark the BBC and the rest of the media gloatingly described Scotland’s recent peak in infections as ‘the worst in Europe’, which it was for a short period. This is not just propaganda it is sheer bile.

    And, yet, we are supposed to Better Together with these people. Sounds like a description of an abusive relationship.

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  3. Jackie Baillie , like Anus Sarwar , is a stain on The Labour Party , or would be if there was such an entity anymore .
    Like Starmer and his clones down south , the ‘Scottish’ Labour Party has sold its soul and by is completely indistinguishable from the Tories .
    Baillie is a particularly egregious example of a politician who will say anything , regardless of its veracity , to gain a little traction with the media – and she loves the media attention !
    She was front and centre hogging the cameras DURING the Holyrood inquiry into the ”Salmond Affair ” and is a good even money bet as the source of the ‘leaks’ from that committee that were designed to smear the FM .

    She is probably the inspiration for the term ODIOUS !


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