Scotland’s biggest wind farms pay tax to London

The Labour-aligned Ferret ‘fact checker’ and ‘corporation-hunter’, in its new alliance with the corporation behind the Herald, makes much of the way in which the owners of wind farms are depriving Scottish public services of funds but little of the fact that it is the UK Government and thus the Union which lies at the root of this, like so many other, problems.

Of course, the fact that were the UK to tax these corporations properly, you can be sure that Scottish public services would not see any benefit, is left unconsidered.

The SNP already has a commitment to levying a higher poundage on properties where the owner is registered in a tax haven but, hey, that does not seem important here to the researchers.

I’m reminded of the Daily Record piece in May, fed by Labour’s Paul Sweeney, bizarrely accusing the Scottish Government of ‘giving £4.7 million of public money‘ to Amazon despite them paying no corporation tax. The money was paid for web hosting for an IT system and we all know the UK Treasury is to blame for them paying no corporation tax.

The Ferret has done some good work but underlying Unionism means they cannot be trusted any more than the Record.

2 thoughts on “Scotland’s biggest wind farms pay tax to London

  1. Scotland loses £3Billion from Westminster tax evasion. Whisky companies tax evade. Westminster illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. Scotland paying debt repayment on debts not borrowed or spent in Scotland. Etc, etc. It adds up to £15Billion the so called deficit. Westminster illegally took the Oil revenues etc and kept it secret under the Official Secrets Act. It is a complete scandal. Scotland would be so much better off Independent.

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