I’m sorry, I seem to have Macwhirtered again

Brian! Sit down! Look at me!

Brian Macwhirter’s troubled, borderline creepy, obsession with the First Minister resurfaces. Does she dress too well for him to relax? If she were more dowdy like his old Primary teachers in the 50s, would he be better able to take a telling from her?

Mature readers will understand. The data shifted, she shifted. We’re glad she did. It’s the kind of intelligent behaviour you don’t always get from politicians and which, judging by the many opinion polls, most Scots are deeply appreciative of having in a First Minister, whose actions might make a big difference in our lives.

Every time the data shift, the grey, chubby wee boys of the media pack and their wee pal Douglas, shriek:

‘No! You said we could! It’s no fair! You’re like a mean old heidie!

Brian does actually call her ‘the headmistress’. Note ‘mistress’ not ‘teacher’. What’s going on there Brian? Want someone to be firm with you?

Brian gives a list of seven new level zero conditions. Seven? He clearly thinks we won’t manage such a list. Is he struggling to remember even two things these days? I empathise. Write it down and put it in your wallet.

He grumbles that working at home ‘was supposed to end’ but ‘not any more.’ It’s no fair! I like my office!

Hasn’t he spotted the major paradigm shift in work triggered by this pandemic? Many are never going back to the same ways. Vast numbers can work at home, are happier and are more productive there. Bosses know it. Is he missing the office? Is he not coping with his own headmistress in the house? The old office bore-types will all be missing the opportunity to tell the youngsters how it was in their day, over and over again.

Arrange a riverside stroll and coffee with Brian Taylor or Tom Gordon or Lord Whatsit or the other Brians – Wilson and Monteith. Talk about your old headmistresses.

There’s more mad rambling about ‘goons at the border shouting at English tourists.’ Were there three on just two occasions?

Finally, but seriously, he seems to believe that Nicola doesn’t really care about us but is using this as an opportunity for Boris-bashing. I agree she is a politician, but if he thinks that is all she is, then his early experiences with headmistresses have made him a sad and bitter old misogynist.

10 thoughts on “I’m sorry, I seem to have Macwhirtered again

  1. You might remember c1998, when the Scottish Parliament first convened the relentless and nasty hostility and aggression from right across the media. Everything that was done was a reason fir nasty and bombastic attacks from the thuggish mob of hacks, with Mr McWhirter piling in with the worst of them. The only exception was the decent Mr Murray Ritchie.

    A few years later, when theParliament was established and the population were pretty happy with what they had voted for by a huge majority, Mr McWhirter, in an example of shameless hackery began writing articles condemning the hostility of journalists. When the SNP gained power he started writing in favour of independence and was particularly enamoured with the current FM. Now he has swung back to Rule Britannia cavilling.

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  2. Oh come on, the woman is either a complete numpty or she’s an illiberal crook. I may not have years of experience as a teacher, but at least I don’t try to legitimise the indefensible.


  3. I suppose he must have some audience somewhere, though it’s almost imposible to imagine who would read his tripe. McWhirter, a wee sleekit nobody, trying to be significant, oh dear. These people aren’t journalists, they are paid story tellers, fabricating lies. Again, Upton Sinclair had it right,
    ‘it is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it’. He got it wrong, not ‘difficult’, but impossible in the UK these days.

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  4. I’ve supported the SNP since long before I became an adult, so it gives me no pleasure to point out they are no longer a party capable of defending Scotland’s innate differences from England, as their approach to the law is unable to respect the root of human difference, i.e. human biology.

    How evolutionary behavioural sciences can help us understand behaviour in a pandemic


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