Statesmanship? Intelligence? Responsibility? Maturity? Heart? Compassion?

Once more, the superannuated Eton schoolboy and the Ayrshire grown-up are revealed in all their contrasts.

Who would have thought it? A privileged privately-educated journalist with a 2.1 in Classics and the father of uncounted abandoned weans or a working-class, comprehensively educated solicitor, with a degree in Law and who has suffered the awful pain of miscarriage, makes a better leader.

8 thoughts on “Statesmanship? Intelligence? Responsibility? Maturity? Heart? Compassion?

  1. OT John, just noticed this on the Indyref2 site, from the Times 2 days ago.
    What leapt out was comparison of this “top twenty” UK table to what the rest of the media, and BBC in particular were hawking over Kazakhstan etc…

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    1. You are not really off topic. What is being reported by the Times seems, to, me to reflect the headline of the TUS piece. The Times is a Tory supporting paper, but it seems to have some journalists who have a modicum of ‘journalistic rigour’.

      Does BBC Scotland have any journalists?

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  2. For more evidence on why to avoid a ‘four nation’ response to Covid if that means a ‘follow England’ response there is this from Shaun Lintern, Health Correspondent at the Independent yesterday:

    ‘Cancer patients at one of England’s largest hospital trusts have had their surgeries cancelled after rising numbers of coronavirus patients, which senior medics said was “affecting all our wards everywhere.”

    ‘Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust said it had seen a “marked increase” in Covid admissions and was NOW HAVING TO CANCEL SURGERY FOR URGENT PATIENTS “who’ve already waited too long”.’ (my emphasis)

    ‘The Leeds hospital message, leaked to The Independent by concerned staff, said two of the hospital’s Covid wards were now full, adding: “It’s highly likely that we’ll need to open another Covid ward this week.

    “We’ve got too many inpatients to manage this increase within [emergency specialty medicine] and the outlier numbers are very high – it’s affecting all our wards everywhere.” (Outliers are patients who are placed in wards away from the specialty looking after them because of a lack of beds.)

    “This is July – it is unprecedented for us to be in this position.”


    The same Independent piece reminds us of this: “Health secretary Sajid Javid has said the country must “learn to live” with the virus and warned that infections could reach 100,000 per day later this summer. Chief medical officer Chris Whitty described the NHS as an “emergency service” that would have to cope.”

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  3. Any independent observer listening to the public broadcasts of these two ‘leaders’ would probably think that the Johnson broadcast was some comical , rather obscure English spoof of a real politician .
    In comparison to NS he comes across as a poorly educated , uncomfortable public speaker who mumbles and garbles as he struggles with the concept of stringing words together in a coherent manner .

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    1. Of course it was the Tory and creator of the myth of Scotland (and England, too), Sir Walter Scott, who wrote: “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.”

      However, the BBC and the most of the mainstream media while aware and complicit in the Johnson lies, simply ignore it and attack the SG and any group who is challenging Westminster rule.

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  4. It’s tragic as well, the Tories and their red Tory pals at WM really are on a herd immunity for the young in particular tactic now, very scary, and of course criminal. The fact they demand Scotland follow their terrible and damaging approach is also truly sickening.
    It suits the disaster capitalist Tories to allow the ENHS (and they hope the SNHS) to flounder and to buckle, and for those who die, well tough. This is all a ploy to bring the NHS in England to it’s knees, opening more doors to private profiteers, it’s been a long term plan and Covid is a gift to those wanting to scrap the ENHS altogether, and it’s not going to take them much longer, how terrifying.

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    1. And Pacific Quay plays it’s part – They’ve been making much of late of some Scottish Hospitals declaring “Code Black”…. I’ve no doubt the Hospitals concerned are raising extremely serious concerns, yet on looking at what this signifies, it’s decidedly more complex than mere patient numbers, they have sick/quarantining staff.
      Yet do any of us see England’s struggling Hospitals declaring this “Code Black” in BBC reporting ? Nope, not a word…
      We first saw this “I see no ships” approach in the worst of the first phase of the pandemic, Gove etc had ensured nobody knew about London Hospitals being essentially on a war footing until stories began leaking out about ambulances clogging up the Emergency entrance backing all the way out into the streets with patients stuck with nowhere to discharge, and totally unable to deal with the escalating calls for Emergency Care…
      No Code anything, not even a cheep from HMS Sarah Smith, preferring to divert and distract, but not under any circumstances inform. Little wonder they so hated FM Covid Updates…
      As the Thunderbirds anti-hero Javid nears his “freedom day” I fully expect no ships to be seen, least of all from the roof of Pacific Quay, with sage comment from the ex-Dairyman, the Millie Dentist, and Wee Willie Wonky featuring large, and possibly cameos from Poison Pennington or his acolytes?

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