Only a 0.77% increase in jobs. Just a conduit for MoD propaganda

106 jobs with the MoD at RAF Lossiemouth is being trumpeted across BBC Scotland output. The Minister is hosted and the supposed interview is no more than a fawning chat.

The truth of the situation is not explored and yet BBC Scotland quietly reported the facts in on their website in 2016:

A new academic study shows the decline in employment by the Ministry of Defence, down by nearly a quarter in the past eight years. The research has been carried out by the Fraser of Allander Institute at Strathclyde University. In 2008, when the economics institute last reported on the defence sector, there were 23% more jobs in uniformed and MoD civilian roles. The number of civilian MoD employees has fallen from 6,500 to 3,730 in eight years – a time of government budget cuts. The number in military roles is down from 12,400 in 2008 to 10,100 this year.

So, 106 jobs is a mere 0.77% increase on the 13 830 civilian and military jobs in Scotland.

Remember Scotland hosts almost all of the UK’s nuclear deterrent, using up 10% of the annual budget and 25% of the capital budget from 2018 to 2030, yet its share of civilian employment has fallen to 8.5%.


8 thoughts on “Only a 0.77% increase in jobs. Just a conduit for MoD propaganda

  1. An excellent piece of debunking. Journalists, if the BBC had any would have been able to have uncovered the data as you have and challenged Mr Wallace.

    Can you remind me who the MP for this part of Scotland is?

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  2. Jackie Baillie would be trumpeting ( how apt ! ) the creation of another part-time worker in the canteen at Faslane as a triumph of the Great British Union and a knife to the heart of the Independence movement .
    Furthermore , she gleefully opined , without a strong Scottish Labour voice pressuring the MoD this job would have gone south of the border and Scotland would have been the poorer .


  3. When RAF Kinloss,just along the road from Lossiemouth,was shut down,the MoW promised that the Great British army of the Rhine would be stationed there once they were repatriated from Germany.
    Just another empty promise designed to keep the restless natives quiet.
    If at first you don’t deceive,lie,lie and lie again.


  4. Very true John, BUT how many of these additional jobs will be filled by locals? How many will be highly skilled, highly specialised technician jobs? How many will be filled by incomers, or by folk who live locally while on duty, but go home when not? This is what happens in Helensburgh with many of the fabled highly skilled jobs at the Base. Many of the specialised staff working on nuclear weapons live there Monday- Friday but “go home” at weekends. It’s called “working away from home”.


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