More evidence on why to avoid a ‘four nation’ response

From stewartb:

For more evidence on why to avoid a ‘four nation’ response to Covid if that means a ‘follow England’ response there is this from Shaun Lintern, Health Correspondent at the Independent yesterday:

‘Cancer patients at one of England’s largest hospital trusts have had their surgeries cancelled after rising numbers of coronavirus patients, which senior medics said was “affecting all our wards everywhere.”

‘Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust said it had seen a “marked increase” in Covid admissions and was NOW HAVING TO CANCEL SURGERY FOR URGENT PATIENTS “who’ve already waited too long”.’ (my emphasis)

The Leeds hospital message, leaked to The Independent by concerned staff, said two of the hospital’s Covid wards were now full, adding:

“It’s highly likely that we’ll need to open another Covid ward this week.

“We’ve got too many inpatients to manage this increase within [emergency specialty medicine] and the outlier numbers are very high – it’s affecting all our wards everywhere.” (Outliers are patients who are placed in wards away from the specialty looking after them because of a lack of beds.)

“This is July – it is unprecedented for us to be in this position.”


The same Independent piece reminds us of this: “Health secretary Sajid Javid has said the country must “learn to live” with the virus and warned that infections could reach 100,000 per day later this summer.

Chief medical officer Chris Whitty described the NHS as an “emergency service” that would have to cope.”

Any independent observer listening to the public broadcasts of these two ‘leaders’ would probably think that the Johnson broadcast was some comical , rather obscure English spoof of a real politician .

In comparison to NS he comes across as a poorly educated , uncomfortable public speaker who mumbles and garbles as he struggles with the concept of stringing words together in a coherent manner .

8 thoughts on “More evidence on why to avoid a ‘four nation’ response

  1. very good point Stewart, but I am increasingly unhappy about this comparison with England. I mean it’s not a high bar, is it?
    Then again, how many degrees of freedom does the Scottish Govt have to do things differently from England? OK we can delay, add a few extra layers (eg keep masks), but at the end of the day it’s kind of “Scottish variations on an original theme by Boris Johnson”.
    Let’s take the gold standard one. We know Sunak is winding down furlough, therefore what are the options for the SG to maintain shutting down places like night clubs? When furlough goes, the owners just wont be able to continue to employ staff. The fact is that the SG could not afford to pay furlough – you need a sovereign currency for one thing.
    This isnt the fault of anyone in the SG – it’s the position that we find ourselves in, trapped in a failed Union. I just wonder why Sturgeon has not made more of this. Point out their limitations because of the devolution settlement. Why were the SG pilloried for the lack of testing capacity, which is a WM responsibility?
    A good deal of political capital could have been made of this, but instead Nicola “plays the game”.

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  2. IMHO, the FM may be competent communicating in bureaucratic legalese, but she doesn’t understand the law. Circumstances have afforded Scotland a golden opportunity to reconnect with international law. Let’s not let another open goal go begging, as you can’t support democracy in the absence of the rule-of-law, which doesn’t work in isolation from international law and order.

    Principles to Uphold the Rule of
    Law and Good Governance in
    Public Health Emergencies


  3. If we’re not prepared to claim access to our right to health during a pandemic, it won’t be long before it will be outwith our capacity to do so. Scotland is only out of the EU because Westminster considers itself above international law. With austerity and covid-19 accounting for roughly a quarter million premature deaths, so far, just what will it take to wake Scotland up to the murderous nature of English Torydum?

    The Oxford Handbook of Public Health Ethics
    Human Rights and Public Health Ethics


  4. Indeed well examined @stewartb..
    By any measure de-Pfeffel is precisely what the UK didn’t need entering a pandemic, yet the circus moved along, folks threw in even more political support for THEIR clown, yet emphasised the divide.
    I’ve already commented on the Hospitals issue, essentially everywhere is either
    swamped or about to be, so we’re back to where we started with “take it on the chin sort of thing, wha, wha…”.
    Javid’s vision part 3 or 4 depending on appraisal, enters a new phase of Tory arrogance but one which they may not be able to “manage”…
    When your own kids begin to suffer, your politics don’t matter any more.

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