England fans merely ‘partying’, ‘boisterous’ or ‘raucous’ but Scots….

They’ve climbed onto double-deckers buses with passengers inside, amongst traffic, but for the Mirror, they’re just ‘raucous’ or ‘boisterous’, and for the Mail and the Express, just ‘partying’.

In June, the Scots fans, who did nothing like climbing onto buses but merely refused to socially distance, were, for the Express, ‘wreaking havoc’, and for the Mail, causing ‘carnage.’


8 thoughts on “England fans merely ‘partying’, ‘boisterous’ or ‘raucous’ but Scots….

  1. Semantics ! What is it with you Jocks ?
    Can’t you recognise that Football’s Coming Home and therefore No behaviour can possibly be unsociable !
    FFS ! You’ll be wanting them to social distance and wear masks next !

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  2. Haha–southern commentators have repeatedly castigated “Johnny Foreigner” types over getting fouls out of very little contact–even when some players have obviously been injured.

    None of that last night, when Kane and Sterling seemed to think they were in the Olympic diving competition.

    So a dodgy penalty wins the game, but hey ho–Boris was delighted in his ENGLAND strip.
    A one nation Tory after all—the nation being Engurland.

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    1. “.. when Kane and Sterling seemed to think they were in the Olympic diving competition.”

      I watched the ITV coverage of the game with Denmark. I’ve watched football at various levels for too many decades. I do not consider myself naive about the in-game ‘ethics’ of professional football.

      Perhaps it was just the view of the former English international and the ITV commentator’ on the ITV programme, but for me it was notable how often they referred in commentary to a characteristic tactic of certain England players who they named – they referred to as ‘drawing the foul’ in order to win free kicks in advantageous places.

      It reminded me of watching England’s present striker in games on TV over a number years. He seemed to have a notable, ‘successful trick’. He would forceably back into defenders who were bound to grasp hold of him in a natural reaction in order to retain their balance, just prior to him collapsing to win a penalty.

      Notwithstanding this, overall Raheem Sterling has been excellent in England’s last two games – he has made the winning difference.


  3. Usual double standards.

    Denmark down to 10 men.

    If they win there will be no end to it. Another 60 years repeated.

    The commentary was appalling. They kept on making derogatory remarks about Scotland, no longer in the competition. They drew with them. They did not beat Scotland.

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  4. ‘Coming home’? Football, golf and tennis all originated in Scotland.

    England gets £Millions more from TV, Gov etc compared to Scotland. Foreign owners, managers and players. Prima donnas. Dancing and diving.

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