Tory government betraying pensioners

SNP Westminster Press Office:

The SNP has warned the Tory government against betraying pensioners across the UK by scrapping the triple lock on pensions and breaking yet another manifesto commitment.

It comes after the Chancellor Rishi Sunak today refused to rule out scrapping the triple lock, stating that there were “concerns” over going ahead with the planned rise in state pensions.

The UK already has one of the lowest state pensions in the developed world – both in absolute terms and also by comparison to average earnings. It also spends less on pensions, as a proportion of GDP, than the majority of OECD countries.

Separately, new research revealed that UK pensions are the least generous of every country in North West Europe in comparison to the average wage – with House of Commons Library analysis showing that UK pensioners receive around a quarter (28%) of the average working wage when they retire. In stark contrast, pensioners in Luxembourg and Austria receive 90% of the average working wage.

Commenting, SNP Shadow Work and Pensions spokesperson David Linden MP said:

“The Chancellor’s comments that the triple lock on pensions could be scrapped is deeply worrying and will mark yet another broken Tory manifesto pledge.

“The grim reality is that after a decade of Tory austerity cuts, millions of older people are now living in poverty and the UK has one of the worst state pensions in the developed world.

“Recent research has already revealed that the UK is falling behind our European neighbours – with UK pensions the least generous of every country in North West Europe in comparison to the average wage.

“With each day that passes it’s becoming clearer that the Tory government has absolutely no intention of looking to secure a proper recovery from the health crisis and protecting people’s incomes.

“Scotland is vulnerable under Westminster control. It’s beyond doubt that independence is the only way to keep Scotland safe from Tory cuts, and to protect and boost the incomes of pensioners.

“Only with the full powers of independence will we be able to secure a fair recovery from the pandemic and build a more equal society.”

Rise in state pension by 8% could be scrapped as Rishi Sunak says it may not be ‘fair’

10 thoughts on “Tory government betraying pensioners

  1. The BBC points out that Mr Sunak is ‘perfectly entitled’ to review payments such as pensions and universal credit. We are still in the scenario of the ‘deserving and undeserving poor’.

    How will the Starmer Labour Party respond?????

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  2. Even though UK pensions are among the poorest in Europe, media commentators big up the rises they have had over the last decade (Iain MacWhirter has banged this drum a few times)
    From poverty pensions to modest at best, yet they will be sacrificed on the alter of “fairness”, and to give tax cuts to the rich/big business.

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    1. A comment I saw yesterday, can’t recall where (Guardian?), so apologies for not crediting the author:

      “The rich are incentivised by giving them more, the poor are incentivised by giving them less”.

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      1. It’s a quote not sure by whom, ‘to make the rich work harder you pay them more, to make the poor work harder, you pay them less’. Though it assumes the rich actually’ work’ in the first place.


  3. I’m inclined to believe this is an example of what the SNP have been doing whilst “doing nothing since 2014”, how to totally dismantle Project Fear piece by piece…

    Pensions I believe had a considerably greater impact on voting intention in the 2014 referendum than many are prepared to recognise, preferring the notion of resistance to change being the prime driver among pensioners…

    SNP etc have been seeding the pension comparative for a few months, but to go on the offensive now when the next round of Tory belt-tightening looms is perfect timing.
    None better than David Linden to take advantage of it to Sunak’s considerable discomfort.
    I wonder what’s next…

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  4. Scotland pays all (UK) Gov pensions and benefits. It comes out of the £66Billion raised in Scotland. £6Billion (UK) pension in Scotland. Less pro rata because people in Scotland die younger.

    Scotland pays £4Billion for Defence. Not spent in Scotland. £1Billion too much. If Scotland was Independent pensions could be higher. Yet older people will not vote for it. Stop voting Tory and vote for Independence.

    Higher pensions would mean less spent on bureaucracy and other benefits. Pension administration costs nearly as much as pension pay out.

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  5. The Tories,having bankrupted the country,again,would like to shift the burden of their economic failures onto the retired.
    They view retirees as sitting on wealth which should be released to support “hard working” younger people who are less fortunate (because of the Tories).
    However,so long as England’s retirees continue to vote for them,they will not go the whole hog on that.
    They are hanging their hat on Middle England retirees having sufficient private pension pots not to care about the state pension.
    As usual,it is the poor who end up having to pay for Tory policies.

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  6. On the points Gordon and Bringiton raise, we really need to move beyond the absurdity from both Tories and Labour that State pensions are a matter of affordability for Government. They are always affordable UNLESS you prioritise tax cuts for others, it has always been a political choice.

    Pensioners who have a second home overseas where they spend 50% of the year are a tiny portion of the entire pension population, the vast majority spent their entire lives paying the mortgage for the only home they ever had, in the UK.
    That same majority spend >90% of their time in the UK, and all of their income recycles into the local economy in the UK, which in turn stimulates the economy and improves tax revenue, so where is the LOSS ?

    Pensions should not be a political football, but a thank you from a grateful nation.

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