Productivity in Scotland higher than all but ‘giant suction machine’ in South

Vince Cable, the UK Business Secretary in 2014, warned that London is “becoming a giant suction machine, draining the life out of the rest of the country”. Huge numbers of young adults move to London from Britain’s other cities and never return home, according to a report revealing the extent to which the capital drains talent from the rest of the country.

Combine this with the presence of government departments, financial institutions and corporate HQs in London and the surrounding area and the massive state investment in capital projects there, and you see Scotland emerge as the most productive part of the normal UK economy.

BBC Wales has drawn attention to the issue there:

BBC Scotland, even on the their Business page, show no interest in this success.

4 thoughts on “Productivity in Scotland higher than all but ‘giant suction machine’ in South

  1. ”Productivity highest in London ”- but what was being measured ?
    If it was the bullsh*t being generated in Westminster then , yes , it would be of the scale ;
    if it was financially corrupt money-making enterprises thought up in the City , yes , masses of this ;
    if it was money-laundering schemes for Russian oligarchs ( and others who donated to the Tories ) , yes , bring us your ill-gotten gains ;
    if it was designing ( but not building ) garden bridges across the Thames , yes , we have the very man to advise ( he also does spurious North Channel constructions ) .

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      1. Indeed, UK branch in Scotland Labours and their mega scam on Scotland…you’d think that alone would bring a massive majority to the conclusion that Scotland can do without unionists’ mega scams and that independence is the only way to ensure that never happens again.


  2. Oil revenues spent on Canary Wharf and Tilbury Docks. Thatcher lied and kept it secret. £Billions wasted bailing out banks who fund the Tory Party. Scotland budget cut and left in poverty. Until 2000 Devolution. The population in Scotland only increased with Devolution. Westminster are a bunch of crooks. Total corruption. Brexit is scandal. A disaster waiting to happen.


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