England is THE nation!

England’s Raheem Sterling shoots at goal.
Photograph: Laurence Griffiths/Reuters

By stewartb

So, based on the output of every UK terrestrial TV channel this evening it’s clear, beyond doubt: ‘England’ is a ‘nation’ AND ‘England’ is a ‘country’. The success of the England football team is uniting this ‘nation’ (of England?) and it is uniting this ‘country’ (of England?).

How might a ‘one nation’ Tory explain this? By considering NI, Wales and Scotland as part of the nation and country of England? And so in turn, equating England with the UK? I’m unsure what mental gymnastics they would opt for: it’s evidently quite a difficult matter. As I posted btl on TuS a couple of days ago, even the monarch seems unsure.

The BBC News website recently had the headline: ‘Royals celebrate NHS anniversary with George Cross and tea party’. Helpfully, the BBC reproduced the monarch’s hand written note which announced the GC award. But is it not a curious note?

See: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-57714088

From the second line of the note we read this: “It is with great pleasure, on behalf of A GRATEFUL NATION, that I award the George Cross to the National Health Services of the United Kingdom.” (My emphasis) Note the singular ‘nation’ and the plural “Services’.

However, in the fifth line of the same note there is this: “The award recognises all NHS staff , past and present, across all disciplines and all FOUR nations’.

So within these four lines of one short note the writer seemingly can’t decide whether to be the constitutional head of ONE nation or FOUR nations!

I’ve previously on TuS commented on significant changes to how The Commonwealth – of which the UK monarch is head – describes the UK state. ‘Scotland’ was described as a ‘country’ on its website around a year ago but no longer!

See: https://talkingupscotlandtwo.com/2021/06/08/and-so-it-begins/

4 thoughts on “England is THE nation!

  1. With regards the Queen it should be noted that at her coronation she was obliged to also swear upon the Scottish crown jewels but such was only done by a tiny nod of her head
    That is not a oath of honour and allegiance
    It is none other than a contrived method of reluctance to honour Scotland
    The English are a weasel race who speak with forked tongues and weasel actions
    E.G. The 1922 act of Independence for Ireland
    Deep and buried in its text was
    The Sovereign exercises the right to sovereignty over the whole of the Island of Ireland
    This was very close to the Good Friday Agreement not being signed
    The clause was only removed at the behest of Bill Clinton and the EU
    Why do you think a British sovereign never set foot upon Irish Republic soil
    Until it was removed
    What dignified Nation would ever let such A Foreign sovereign ever enter their
    And for good measure the National Anthem has never legally had the following words removed
    ” Rebellious Scots to Bloody Crush ”
    How can any Scott ever stand for such a National Anthem far less doff our cap to any of the royal family
    We Scots are citizens NOT subjects
    Us alone decide who rules and governs
    No piece of English or Westminster law
    Can ever say or do otherwise
    It is impossible to rule without consent

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  2. Should the national team of England beat the national team of Italy in the footie final,we are in for a national fest of all things English not seen since 1066.
    I hope that this does happen as it will crystalise for the other British nations that within England’s union,they are irrelevant.

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  3. It seems that the BritNats, including the royals, don’t know their a*ses from their elbows. What is the UK, what is Britain, what is great Britain? Who does it represent, what does it represent? It’s all over the place, and perhaps unlike in days gone by, Britishness is not something to celebrate or aspire to.
    Scotland is not represented at all within the UK. Scotland though is a forward looking, outward looking country, and that requires a steady hand at the tiller, and only independence can ensure a safer, more equal future with a good grasp of reality and a self assured identity. No one will be allowed to take Scotland’s identity away, no way.

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