10 thoughts on “Scottish Conservatives don’t know which way they’re going

  1. DRossy takes his orders from Planet Boris (which orbits the moon).

    No one knows if Planet Boris is telling the truth, or telling a lie or he is just hoping “something/anything” comes along to change things.
    And when Planet Boris is on the dark side of the moon, he just has to guess.

    And BBC Hootsmon goes along with DRossie.
    Repressing Scotland now gives us the news from England and asks why Scotland isn’t doing the same, or when they will do it,—-

    and— “Look–Look–Look–No one from the Scottish government/SNP is available to answer our multiple, multifarious smears”!

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  2. ‘Lost control of the virus’, oh dear oh dear. I didn’t know the SNP had ‘control of the virus’, can anyone confirm that? If so they could stop it right now, or even keep it variating and spreading around the globe. It would be like one of those ridiculous 1950’s sci-fi films all about aliens and space monsters controlling Earth or something. I always knew there was something more to the SNP than we see on the surface, virus controlling good aliens from outer space, pah!

    Oh and yes the virus is out of control, scarily.

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  3. Aw, come on John, be fair, it must be damned difficult every morning finding all the postits on the floor having “fallen” off the fridge, then trying to figure out which lie is the Soup de Jour….
    Whoever is the keyboard operator for “Scottish Conservatives” these days either has a Cybercat or an infestation of MacFeegles….

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  4. I know from studying cognitive biology, cognitive neuropsychology, and stuff, that the right-wing mind has difficulty engaging with difference in a positive manner, deals poorly with complexity, and is resistant to social change. Which is simply not a healthy disposition for anyone to inflict on others.

    Power and Principle in Constitutional Law


  5. I stumbled across
    .LIVE: Boris Johnson faces grilling by MPs at Liaison Committee
    Just the same as PMQs a lot of waffle from him,Bryant asking serious questions no answer,I just don’t know why someone won’t take him by the throat and tell him just answer the bloody question.

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  6. P.S. I forgot to mention that contemporary brain science suggest the right-wing mind is actually bio-neurologically deficient in the capacity for genuine empathy. So what I should have said earlier was the the right-wing mind is a particularly dangerous state of mental affairs. 😉

    How cognitive neuroscience could be more biological—and what it might learn from clinical neuropsychology


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