Sarah Smith gets less than half this guy?

Stephen Nolan
Stephen Nolan’s salary puts him again among the BBC’s highest earning on-air presenters

The pay of BBC presenter Stephen Nolan increased by up to £15,000 to more than £405,000 in 2020-21. He earned between £405,000 and £409,999 from the BBC licence fee in 2020-21, the broadcaster said. That compares to between £390,000 and £394,999 in 2019-20 – up from about £325,000 in 2018-19. However, his published salary may vary each year depending on when he is actually paid by the BBC for programmes he has presented. His 2020-21 salary makes him the equal-fifth best paid BBC on-air star, with a salary similar to the Question Time presenter Fiona Bruce.

In sharp contrast:

Sarah Smith Scotland Editor and BBC Radio 4 Today cover £185,000-£189,999

Stephen Nolan The Nolan Show on Radio Ulster Nolan Live on BBC 1 (NI)
5 live Stephen Nolan Show £405,000-£409,999

Click to access 2020-21.pdf

I suppose he is on more but then she’s an editor.

No one else on BBC Scotland makes it into the top group. Glen Campbell does it for the love of country?

Maybe, Nolan has a special job to do? See this:


There are fresh protests against the institutional sectarianism of the BBC in Ireland as infamous radio and TV presenter Stephen Nolan continues to generate intense anger among nationalists.Known for his contemptuous treatment of the Irish language, the broadcaster’s one-sided focus on alleged breaches of Covid-19 regulations by Catholics has reached new levels.

Since the republican funeral in west Belfast of former IRA leader Bobby Storey in June, Nolan has reported almost exclusively on cases in which nationalists have been accused of breaching regulations. He visited the predominately nationalist student area of Belfast’s Holylands in order to ‘expose’ students failing to observe social distancing. More recently, he attacked the Gaelic Athletics Association over the celebrations of Tyrone club Dungannon Clarke’s after it achieved a historic victory.

He may not need the money that much. See this:

Stephen Nolan is to receive a further five-figure sum in damages from another Twitter user who posted false allegations about the broadcaster.ADVERTISING The person behind the tweets has also apologised to the television and radio presenter for the personal abuse he was subjected to. It comes after a day after a so-called Twitter troll paid out a six-figure sum for subjecting Mr Nolan to an online campaign.

Don’t they know how good a Unionist Sarah is?

10 thoughts on “Sarah Smith gets less than half this guy?

  1. Looks like lucrative work, where do I sign up? Beats what the EngGov pay for carers allowance at £66 a week, we are positively swimming in cash, not.

    John you could ahve been at least a half millionaire, if you were willing to sell your soul and all that…

    It’s like the 18thC where the rich are the only ones protected by any laws at all, in UKOK.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Ultra-Yoons? Talent-free bias for rent?

    How else would they get a gig on the BEEB?

    Wages don’t really count. The Hon Sarah will move on up the BEEB food chain—as long as Scotland remains a colony.
    The BBC uses Scotland as a milch cow.
    How many sports events are being covered right now, on TV and Radio. Scottish contributors/presenters make up a tiny fraction of the numbers.
    Same with news shows.
    Is Radio 5 a “British” station?
    How about News24?
    Politics Live?

    BBC Scotland is a shield for British nationalist propaganda.
    Radio Scotland was a great station, with ambition and attitude when launched. Look at the empty shell it has become.

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  3. Btw John, that was an error on my part for missing that (dot). I’m not brass-necked enough to deliberately post open pdfs, now that I’m in the habit of editing the link. Have you a new filter or was I just lucky?


  4. Probably danger money – The worst Sarah Smith may expect in Scotland is being ignored in public or perhaps an occasional “FFS”, Stephen on the other hand is a permanent irritant to the vast majority which invites a spell in ICU to reappraise the approach…


      1. I hate to burst your own bubble, it was not about me, it could have been anyone, so long as you had the last word on flogging your gender obsession….


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