The Sick Men of ‘Fleet Street’

Today, those the above three gutter tabloids based in England are pushing the sick man of Europe line based on high infection levels and misunderstanding deliberately or stupidly the reasons for them.

I’ve done this already but it’s worth repeating in connection with these cancerous presences in Scotland.

We do have a higher infection level and that’s simply because young adults here have lower levels of natural immunity.

There’s an obvious question, why? Why do we have a lower level of natural immunity? Why has England a higher level?

It’s an inevitable consequence of Scotland doing better to control the virus before and during the critical early stages. The infection rate over the whole pandemic was much lower in Scotland than in England. See these data:

Keeping infection rates lower, especially in the early stages meant that we had fewer deaths. See these data:

England had 59 more deaths per 100 000 population than Scotland. If Scotland had the same rate as England, we’d have had 3 186 more deaths (59 x 54 ).

We have a higher rate now when it’s safer to do so because the surge is among the young. More than 3 000 mums, dads, granmas and grandads still with us because we have an SNP Government and not a heartless Tory one.

4 thoughts on “The Sick Men of ‘Fleet Street’

  1. I will post later for Sco/Nor./ Eng
    Once u dig it out but such is very revealung
    This virus is so predictable
    And it is almost certain that soon England will Pro Rata
    1.Higher infection rates
    2. Higher hospital admissions
    3.Higher ICU admissions
    4.Inevitably more deaths
    Too quick with end of restrictions
    Vaccinations behind Scotland
    Care home residents and staff along with NHS staff not full vaccinated
    Both groups super spreaders
    No face masks
    Soon England shall be in a state of gay abandon
    And this virus just loves that as it is evolutionary designed to mutate into more contagious forms as it spreads
    Once more Boris the Terrible true to form is gambling and in a bombastic cavalier manner
    Hell mend him if the fold 3 mutant known as Delta mutates again and creates a fold 4 rendering current vaccines mostly useless and no immunity for those that survived infection
    Time this man was barred from the casino
    The only winner Shall be the virus

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  2. Just a thought. Currently in many parts of Europe, Covid levels are at single figs per hundred thousand. Generally speaking they have managed the virus better than we have (at least after the first wave). When they “open up”, would we not expect their levels to go shooting up for the reasons John sets out – lack of natural immunity because of lower levels earlier on?
    The other thing is this. One of the European countries whose level is between our own and much of the rest of Europe, is Spain, where large numbers of holiday makers can be expected to be heading for, particularly after 19 July. I know that last year, the second wave was driven by folk who had been on holiday in Spain – one NHS statto said about 70% of cases had a variant that originated there. Thus, we have a double whammy – the expected increase in cases from ending restrictions PLUS bringing back perhaps new types of the virus from Spain. The description by some public health people of a “virus factory” is, I think, highly perceptive. But it goes further than merely a description – when the virus is passed on it will often mutate. Much more often than not this wont matter. But sometimes – gamma, delta etc – it will. Thus the more often it is passed on (aided and abetted by more transmission opportunities, the likelihood of a new variant is increased, with the possibility that one day there will be one that the vaccines can do little about and we end up back at square one?

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  3. Let’s call a spade a spade it’s mostly Union Unit aerated bullshit to throw a diversion to what England is about to do, technically known as a Smirky-Bowie I’m told from his constituents.

    This will have been carefully prepared to allow Javid to fully push the “herd immunity” plan and fulfill his destiny as the modern incarnation of “The Hood”.

    As at June 25th Covid case rises for Scotland were on a par to Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, which suggests there is more than simply “natural immunity aka herd immunity” involved since JRM lurks there.

    Ultimately my instinct says the Johnson/Javid “herd immunity” experiment is going to go horribly wrong in England, and they’re preparing the fall guy, Scotland.


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