The Mortally Sick Men of Europe?

It’s the most popular weapon for SNP-bashing today but Scotland is far from the Sick Man of Europe, thanks to our compliance and the Scottish Government’s management of the pandemic, after devolution of responsibility, just over a year ago.

Infection levels come and go. We’ve been the lowest, and now for a time we’re the highest. Death rates are forever and thousands have been saved here.

Already the infection level is falling:

The tabloids love it:

BBC Scotland have wet themselves:

We know what matters:

14 thoughts on “The Mortally Sick Men of Europe?

  1. I also note that Sturgeon as they always use no the FM or Ms Sturgeon which shows up their ignorance,is now under pressure to follow Johnson “I can do that as well”and England on lifting all restrictions and if it goes wrong the first to condemn th FM would be the tories ably supported by J Baillie.
    British tabloids only good for the Cludgie.

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      1. Please try to recognise when someone who is trained in supporting good public health, is trying to draw attention to serious shortcomings in the competence of our government officials. Though you might not have the time to engage with the material I’m posting, I’m trying to point folks towards how to access their right to health.


  2. Fact, biological sex is not a emotion or a costume. It matters, which is why a gender-critical approach to law and policy is essential to open democracy and social sustainability. Forcing the law to support material fantasies undoes democracy (see Brexit).

    Intersectionality Theory and Practice


      1. FFS Cameron read the room.

        Out of a total of 10 comments 7 are your own, one of the 3 others sought to temper your output, one was me attempting to jolt your perspective and take the piss I admit, the remaining one was from was from Scott, the only pertinent comment to the subject out of 10.

        Just think about that for a minute, and never mind quoting fancy studies or papers or any such to an old man like me. I’d hate to see a good site like this from a man I respect as honest, flawed and decent, ruined by a man with a genetic burr up his ass….


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