Making sense of the news

It’s easy to get things wrong, to misinterpret data, and most journalists seem to when it comes to Scotland, so with help from our graphics guy, Sean (14), we’re making things more accurate for folks at the BBC, above, and at the Telegraph, below:

It’s free.

The originals? Somewhat different understanding of the truth.

8 thoughts on “Making sense of the news

  1. Well done but releasing restrictions on 5 June was premature. I hope we have learned from this.

    Clearly Boris and co have not – Oh I forgot THEY’RE doing herd immunity sans vaccine.


    1. Should we be looking forward to Tory ‘freedom day’ on the 19th then…and 60k allowed to gather all in it together at Wembley, no masks or distancing required? Freedommmmm’ in the UK lol.
      The ScotGov had to weigh things up in June after long term restrictions over a long dark miserable winter and a not so nice spring, facing mega pressure from the British Nationalists in Scotland, who demanded the FM release people from their horrible life saving prison, even if it meant people would die.

      Maybe your ire is best aimed at the English government for allowing the Delta variant into the UK deliberately, with Scotland at the mercy of the next door neighbour who are laughing all the way to the bank and bank of power, scary.


  2. Aye, when a 14 year old more responsible and accurate in reporting that the Beeb or Torygraph, it says much…

    On the BBC Scotland/Politics page this morning they’re still pushing the Covid Hotspot of Europe (3817 comments)…., Humza abuse sentencing…, Doctor’s criticise assisted dying…, MP stalker banned…, England facemask personal responsibility.., Less than half App active.., and Green freeport commitment stories as headlines.

    They keep most of these articles alive and appearing to be current by doing minor edits to reset the date of posting, a technique I first noticed during their QEUH propaganda campaign….
    That way it avoids them having to resort to news which might be relevant or positive toward SG or Scotland….

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  3. ‘Scot Gov afraid of MSM – not good’. Oh god, it’s not about being ‘afraid’ it’s about who controls the narrative, attempting to determine peoples’ perceptions about what the ScotGov are doing within the wpoers they are allowed to have to stop a deadly virus going rampant in their country ie Scotland.

    Broadcasting and telecommunications are reserved powers to the English government in London, they dictate what is reported in and about Scotland, indeed what is reported outwith Scotland as well, and many still rely on the so called media for their information, my older neighbours watch BBC every day, being brainwashed.
    It’s dangerous, but it works, otherwise the BritNats would not bother spending lots of public money on lying to people in the ‘media’.

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