Boris pushes bus drivers under a bus

Yesterday we heard Professor Sridhar advise:

If it avoids rising cases, people getting ill, another lockdown and helps businesses stay open -> doesn’t it make sense to keep face masks for indoor settings like shops & public transport, until we understand more about vaccine effectiveness in stopping transmission?

On the 22nd June the First Minister said:

Also, at least for a period we are likely to require continued wearing of face coverings in certain settings – for example public transport.

Since then Professor Leitch has repeated that face coverings are still likely to be required in public places.

But, according to sky yesterday:

People will no longer be legally required to wear face masks in any setting, Boris Johnson has announced. The prime minister has confirmed that all legislation regarding face coverings will be repealed at step four of the government’s road map, when all remaining restrictions are set to be lifted, and that wearing a mask from this point onwards will become “a personal choice”.

A difference at the border seems likely and Scotland’s MSM will of course side with Boris and allow Douglas Ross to resurface with attacks on the SNP.

The data backs the FM and Professor Sridhar.

Bus and coach drivers were among the 10 occupations worst affected with 70.3 deaths per 100 000; 83 in total by the end of 2020. Nurses, nursing auxiliaries and restaurant workers were also in the 10 most affected. Doctors, teachers and politicians were not.

Rates of death involving COVID-19 in men and women who worked as teaching and educational professionals, such as secondary school teachers, were not statistically significantly raised when compared with the rates seen in the population among those of the same age and sex.

4 thoughts on “Boris pushes bus drivers under a bus

  1. Confusion is sown by Bozo constantly being on our TV giving out his England only briefings,
    and the SG struggling to get any covid message out to the folks, that passes our Unionist MSM censors.

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  2. Boris does not give a monkeys for anyone who travels on a bus.

    The self-centred, ego-driven buffoon only cares about his 5 minutes of fame.

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    1. He cares about his own pocket, and staying in power, pandering to the, we won’t be told what to do, mentality, when actually they are being told exactly what to do. Johnson is touting faux ‘freedom’ but the sheeple are kept in a state of subservience, quite clever for a ‘buffoon’.

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  3. It’s not surprising, and of course there will be much confusion among some, possibly many, especially folk travelling into Scotland say for a holiday, about wearing masks, because the EngGov and their compliant media make sure not to differentiate between the countries of the so called UK.
    I watch an Icelandic online news programme and they say there is basically no problem re Covid there now, they have strict quarentine measures etc. tourism is thriving. They say they are almost ‘back to normal’, a country which has been able to make their own decisions about their border and impose strict restrictions when required.
    Can we just bring back the Lapetus ocean (that once literally separated Scotland from our dysfunctional neighbour 🙂 ) please?


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