Europe’s ‘hotspot’ now because we did so well in the early stages and saved more than THREE THOUSAND lives

They’re are loving this. When Scotland had a far lower infection rate than England in January, not a peep but now, at last, they have something to worry us with.

Of course, there’s something missing in their accounts.

There is a wee hint in the BBC Scotland report but they don’t follow it up:

A lack of “natural immunity” in the population has led to Scotland having the highest Covid rates in Europe, the national clinical director has said.

There’s an obvious question, why? Why do we have a lower level of natural immunity? Why has England a higher level?

It’s an inevitable consequence of Scotland doing better to control the virus before and during the critical early stages. The infection rate over the whole pandemic was much lower in Scotland than in England. See these data:

Keeping infection rates lower, especially in the early stages meant that we had fewer deaths. See these data:

England had 59 more deaths per 100 000 population than Scotland. If Scotland had the same rate as England, we’d have had 3 186 more deaths (59 x 54 ).

We have a higher rate now when it’s safer to do so because the surge is among the young. More than 3 000 mums, dads, granmas and grandads still with us because we have an SNP Government and not a heartless Tory one.

20 thoughts on “Europe’s ‘hotspot’ now because we did so well in the early stages and saved more than THREE THOUSAND lives

  1. Agreed. Searching for ‘bad’ data and presenting it out of context. The disgusting Jackie Baillie was using the data this morning. To be fair to Laura Maxwell she did challenge Ms Baillie quite strongly, but could have pressed her further.

    Perhaps your final paragraph would be more precise if you inserted ‘infection’ after ‘higher’, because the preceding paragraph discusses death rates.

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  2. Some blame must lie with scot gov and its advisers in releasing glasgow from level 3 on 5 June when cases were rising rapidly. Following that release cases accelerated.
    Boris let delta in but removing mitigating measures at that time must surely have been a mistake. Vaccine not 100% effective remember.


    1. I am not so sure ‘cases were rising rapidly’ in Scotland then at all. Would need to look at the data for then. The reasons given for Scotland having a high prevelance of Covid now, is due to the success of the Scottish SNP Governments’ handling of the pandemic effectively so far, consequence being fewer cases, but, fewer people with antibodies, so, more people therefore prone to new variants.

      Boris Johnson’s actions were not a ‘mistake’ it was a deliberate delay so that Tory Brexit trade talks (with anyone who would entertain their dodgy scheming deals), weren’t put at risk, thereby risking lives, and not giving one hoot about the people.

      Businesses and also the BritNats at Holyrood were apoplectic that the SNP kept Glasgow in level 3 due to higher cases there. What could the FM do but to take a measured approach and reduce restrictions, obviously with no intention to allow people to catch Covid or to die, unlike others we could mention.

      Watch this.

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      1. Businesses and also the BritNats at Holyrood were apoplectic that the SNP kept Glasgow in level 3 due to higher cases there. What could the FM do but to take a measured approach and reduce restrictions, obviously with no intention to allow people to catch Covid or to die, unlike others we could mention.

        FM or her advisers caved in to the pressure. Check the data Glasgow was in level 3 and cases were rising. We know what happens when cases rise. Casualties result. I don’t know what forces are used to coerce a government whose stated aim was to suppress the virus to release mitigations when cases are rising but they are dark.

        Boris has admitted England cases are rising and that more deaths will result but he still wants to remove all restrictions. Whitty thinks this is better than keeping restictions until all are vaccinated -(herd immunity fan). They seem to be in control of their evil plan or are the same dark forces that got the FM working on them too?


    2. Why are we just finding out about a European regional hotspot chart?

      I don’t recall the BBC featuring the chart for the occasions when England’s regions were topping it because I notice almost half of the ‘regions’ in the Top 50 ‘hotspots’ in ‘Europe’ are from the UK.

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  3. Well, it stands to reason, England should close their border to Scotland, no travel in or out except for essential reasons. ;-] They won’t though will they.

    I am no good at Maths never was never will be, but some regions of England have higher numbers than Scotland yet lower population for their area.
    Of the eleven regions in England, six have higher infection rates today than Scotland, a country of Five plus million people. Aside London and N. West of England (?), some have a relatively lower population than Scotland, yet higher cases of Covid, am I missing something?

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  4. Which reminds me, I note that Frank Luntz is shilling for the radical-right, by misrepresenting the nature of WOKE theory and practice. Which was designed to enable the de-colonisation of educational and legal practice from structural sexism and structural racism, thereby enabling resistance to neo-liberalism. So perhaps no surprise.


  5. All true John, but have WHO figs for July 1 show that while Dundee has 594 cases per hundred thousand, much of Europe has much, much less. Much of France, all of Germany, much of eastern Europe, almost all of Italy has a single figure rate per hundred thousand. In short England is not the comparator. If we want to see how we should have been doing look there. Of course because we are yoked to England, and I pretty much completely agree with you on their performance, we cannot do much better (what chance did we have with the Delta variant when Johnson was too late closing borders to Indians? Then it spreads up here – how many direct flights from Scotland to India?).
    THAT my good friend is the story, not a comparison with a venal govt like Johnson’s. Are we really not so much better than him?

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  6. Aye, well, negativity is what we’ve come to expect from Pacific Quay really isn’t it, if they were to praise SG for anything it might cause cardiac arrest.
    What I find interesting is which stories they are promoting, pushing, or allowing to linger on their Main and Politics pages, and who of their Political, Industry, Business or Science favourites gets platformed to demonstrate Scots are being victimised by their own government.

    Your featured article is being promoted on both pages with comments open for rent-a-mob vitriol (first I’ve noticed now default sorted by popularity), with all the usual negativity including Baillie’s asinine “reduce the gap between doses” claptrap.
    Sarwar the favourite is still schilling his “too slow vaccinations” story, the international angle covered by comparison with “Nur-Sultan City in Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation’s capital, Moscow”…

    The latest single from your favourite band, HMS Sarah Smith and the Union Unit…

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  7. The BBC just broadcast a debate on face-masks, and whether they should become a matter of personal choice. The talking head representing the hospitality industries was suggesting this was the correct time to take pragmatic action. Which simply indicates she hasn’t a clue about pragmatics.

    What Is and What Should Pragmatic Ethics Be?
    Some Remarks on Recent Scholarship


  8. Forgot to observe on one aspect of the article which you raised @john, “natural immunity”, and why this article may well serve another purpose, diversion.

    Many are looking on in horror at the impending change to Covid policy in England, Profs Hagel and Sridhar are getting pilloried relentlessly for sounding alarms, others such as Richard Murphy are profoundly concerned this “herd immunity” style policy could cause havoc and not just in England.

    Is this perhaps Scotland’s latest “Look, a Squirrel” ?

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  9. Another thing I’m certain of, the principle of Parliamentary sovereignty is not a principle of law, it’s a principle of English legal culture. Scotland’s legal Establishment have simply grown accustomed to accepting Westminster’s diktat as being legally binding. So if Scots ever want to enjoy the benefits of open democracy, then we’ll need to find some politicians who understand how to support the rule-of-law. We’ll also need to be mindful of the institutional British nationalist mindset that characterises our government and legal Establishment. As otherwise, we’ll never get past the pandemic.

    Ecological economics: Redefining economics for democracy and sustainability


  10. This was the Pagel exchange on the BBC which greatly amused me.
    Despite umpteen interruptions to Pagel’s obvious frustration, the “journalist” finally landed the “no evidence” HMG policy punch and got a left hook for her ignorance in response.

    The figures she highlighted are frankly shocking…


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