2 that we know of out of 10 000 ‘doctors’ criticise Lib Dem bill

‘Doctors?’ It’s 175 ‘health care professionals’ out of maybe 100 000 such in Scotland, surveyed by a US-based group and led by this extremely true-believer guy:


Galloway, MB ChB MD DSc FRCS[G] FRCS[Ed] FACS FRCP[Edin] FAMM FAIS FRCPI FCSSL FICP FACP FIMSA was President, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow 2015 – 2018.

Public opinion on this? The usual trick. Way down in the 21st of 22 paragraphs:

Mr McArthur put forward the proposals last month for a Members Bill at Holyrood which, if passed, would permit assisted dying for adults who are both terminally ill and mentally competent. He said that research suggest almost nine out 10 Scots (87%) support the introduction of such legislation.


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9 thoughts on “2 that we know of out of 10 000 ‘doctors’ criticise Lib Dem bill

  1. I am one of the 9 of 10 in favour.
    Like many people I have had family members die painful, lingering deaths, with no quality of life, and no desire to to still be here.
    When my turn comes, I hope for a fast exit: naturally or otherwise.
    I have no religious beliefs to influence my thinking, no great reserves of wealth and, hopefully, no enemies keen to speed my departure.

    This is not a new thing.
    When I was young, my father took us to say good-bye to his brother ( and my favourite uncle) who had an agonising terminal cancer, was home, and his family doctor (and friend) was compassionate enough to be on hand to relieve his suffering.
    This was in 1963 and, I am told, was not considered an unusual practice for doctors at that time, but it was never broadcast.

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  2. O/T
    “Covid: Scotland tops Europe hotspot chart” MSM and BBC

    Have the rest of you noticed that any bad Covid story in Scotland BBC allow comments and we find 99.9 % are all anti SNP and the FM BBC just can’t seem to stop gloating as so often is show in TALKING-UP SCOTLAND how lucky we are to have you Prof Robertson to give us the true figures and show them up.

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  3. The screenshot embedded in the above post relating to Mr David Galloway’s ‘bio’ is notable for the biblical quotation he chooses to associate with out of ALL the ones available to him!

    He uses this: “… we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ”.

    Initially I intended to emboldened a word or two for emphasis but found I was wanting to emphasise about seven different words here, not including the last.

    I’ve read this several times now – ‘take captive’; ‘every thought’,; ‘make it obedient’. I become less and less sanguine with each reading that an individual who selects this particular quote is active in seeking to influence public policy!

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  4. No, I’m not a ninja Christian evangelist. I simply understand that democracy ceases to function if it is divorced from universal practical reason, a.k.a. the Natural law (see Brexit). Which is precisely the ailment that afflicts Westminster, which considers the supreme source of legal authority, so above the Moral law.



  5. Roger Houston @ 11:17 AM noted how the BBC News online coverage of the George Cross (GC) announcement differed in different parts of the corporation’s online presence today.

    The BBC News website’s ‘Wales’ section makes the GC award directly relevant to Wales with this headline: ‘George Cross: Queen awards honour to Welsh NHS for Covid work’. The Wales article quotes ‘appreciative’ comments from the Welsh Health Minister.

    In the BBC Wales article we also learn that the ‘honour’ is being given to the four health services in Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. However, there is, as already noted, no mention made on the BBC News website’s Scotland page.

    The BBC News website’s UK section has the headline: ‘Royals celebrate NHS anniversary with George Cross and tea party’. Helpfully, the BBC reproduces the monarch’s hand written note which announced the GC award. But is it not a curious note?

    From the second line of the note we read this: “It is with great pleasure, on behalf of A GRATEFUL NATION, that I award the George Cross to the National Health Services of the United Kingdom.” (My emphasis) Note the singular ‘nation’ and the plural “Services’.

    However, in the fifth line of the same note there is this: “The award recognises all NHS staff , past and present, across all disciplines and all FOUR nations’.

    So within four lines of one short note the same writer seemingly can’t decide whether to be the constitutional head of ONE nation or FOUR nations!

    Is there not political party in the UK which has ‘one nation’ as its mantra?


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