Assisted dying bill next anti Scottish Government campaign focus with inaccurate reporting

In both of the above:

175 Scottish health care professionals from a variety of specialities have signed a letter to Health Secretary Humza Yousaf with their concerns about the proposed legislation.

175, was that too difficult to say? Is 175 ‘nearly 200?’ Is 175 ‘hundreds?’

I know why they felt the need to make this sound bigger. There are around 60 000 doctors and nurses working in NHS Scotland plus who knows how many ‘health care professionals’ there in the private sector.

So, at the most, we’re looking at a protest by less than 0.3% of the professions.

This is a Lib Dem bill but watch the coverage ramp up as the SNP take a position on it.

Who are the signatories, from a group called Our Duty of Care (ODOC)? They seem predominantly to be a US-based group with concealed leadership. I’m thinking, conservative religious fundamentalists.

Leading signatory David Galloway:

Thank God (sic) he’s retired. He’s not touching me.

The other is Marie Fallon, St Columba’s Hospice Chair of Palliative Medicine at the University of Edinburgh.

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7 thoughts on “Assisted dying bill next anti Scottish Government campaign focus with inaccurate reporting

  1. The BBC in Scotland think “perspective” is a sheet of see-through plastic.
    That “context” is an e-mail from DRossy or Boris. And not a necessarily true one.
    That a translation of “journalism” is the “lie of the day”.
    That “sources” means “invented”, as does “attribution”.
    That “ethics” is somewhere in the Home Counties.
    “Corroboration” means the Tories, Labour and the Dumbs all have to agree, before the BEEB accepts it as a fact.

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  2. When looking at twitter anyone would think the SNP were the instigators of this bill and that it was basically a plot to euthanise folk by them! Arghhh!!
    The media love a good twisted scary story don’t they, never believe the media, sadly, some do though.


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