Sacked BBC News boss lies about Scotland

So, as we surge ahead of England with vaccinations, as infection levels fall for the second day in a row, John Boothman of the Times uses covid infection data now six days old to accuse the SNP of something.

Today, on the 4th of July, he even uses it openly, thinking his readers are mugs:

Data published online and last updated on June 30 reveals that Tayside had recorded 1,002 cases per 100,000 head of population over the previous fortnight, followed by Lothian (990) and Greater Glasgow (735).

Here are the data today:

This is just crap, venal reporting from a man who, of course, knows all about lying for the Union. Who is John Boothman? Here he is:

Yes, running the propaganda campaign in 2014, too close to Labour and ‘moved’ after bullying the daughter of Margo MacDonald SNP MSP and icon, it’s the not lovely John Boothman CFB:

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11 thoughts on “Sacked BBC News boss lies about Scotland

  1. This is one of the stories that David Pratt (pro-independence and highly principled journalist) ‘called out’ when he was reviewing the Sunday papers on Good Morning Scotland this morning. He pointed out the similarity in attack lines appearing across a number of titles, particularly London based ones and London-based editions, which were essentially saying “Westminster good, SG baaad”. He alluded to a quote by Jackie Baillie Labour MSP which was similar in tone to the rest of the BritNat media.

    The attacks are getting ramped up and more vicious and mendacious, and Labour is again betraying its target voters (i.e. those who stopped voting for it from around 2007 onwards.) Bodger Broon is writing lies about Scotland in the Daily Mail.

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  2. The Times
    The very newspaper who published a letter from Jacob Rees great grandfather
    Urging that the genocide and ethnic cleansing to speeded up in Tasmania
    Of the indigenous Aborigines by dispatch of more colonial forces to rid the Island of the heathen pagan troublesome natives
    And all in the name of God Queen Country and civilisation
    Aye Right you expect me to show this establishment rag respect

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  3. Liars, frauds and hucksters.
    Yet in constant demand from our colonial media.

    Why do they do it?
    Its not for money, and the minute Scotland votes for independence their cushy jobs will be gone—gone, gone, gone!
    I can see them now, sitting on the Embankment rattling their tin cans alongside Britnat Peers and ex-MP’s.

    ” I fought for Blighty against the Jocks, in the Indy wars. Spare a penny for an old vet, gov”!
    “A wife, a bit on the side, and three mortgages to feed”!
    “And I cant live on normal grub—I’ve been used to subsidised cordon bleu food from Chef Andre, and the best of vino’s”!

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  4. While agreeing with all the points made both by you and in comments, it is frustrating that our politicians do not call these out more strongly.


  5. Tayside now more than 2500 per 100000 over a week. Vulnerable at risk. Danger of long covid. No return to level 3. This guy may be rubbish but he has a point. I forgot vaccine evading new variants


    1. The vulnerable are always at ‘risk’!!
      State your source for ‘vaccine evading variants’ if you don’t mind, because otherwise it’s just scare mongering on a pro indy blog.

      Scotland has no powers to close the border, that would be my advice pronto, if it was within the Scottish governments’ power. New Zealand would close their border at the drop of a hat and have done so when required, but then they are not constrained in trying to contain a deadly virus in order to save lives and minimise damage to their economy etc.

      We really are up against it, with no powers to actually contain this by stopping non essential travel in and out of Scotland for a week or so.
      I suspect the EngGov will be delighted right now, and if things do get worse, they will threaten to take over the ScotGov with faux emergency measures, put nothing past them at all.

      I want to know why cases in the UK, across the UK are really high when er so many have been vaccinated. I did read recently that the EngGov indicated they would allow the young to be infected en masse to pander to their herd immunity tactics, I would not be surprised if that were the case…

      The Vaccine protects against severe Covid in some, which is better than nothing. The thing is many older people were vaccinated months ago, the longevity of the effectiveness is not known. This is unprecidented as has been pointed out so many times.

      Watch this for some light hearted satire, I discovered this channel via Munguin’s republic.

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    2. Highest number of new hospitale admissions and new cases and deaths are in the 25-44 age group right now. This is also the group least vaccinated, in terms of the second vaccine especially. The Scottish government are in the process of vaccinating that age group. I suspect it’s a race against time in fact. They are doing an amazing job however, with large % of younger groups having had the first dose.
      Here are the facts.

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      1. On 7 October (2020) the First Minister announced that further restrictions would be
        introduced on a nationwide basis with other specific measures being introduced
        across the central belt reflecting the higher rates of incidence and prevalence currently in that area in general.
        In addition, some existing rules and guidance will
        be strengthened alongside wider measures to reduce the transmission.

        Click to access Coronavirus%2BCOVID%2B19%2B-%2Badditional%2Bmeasures%2B-%2B8%2BOctober%2B2020.pdf

        6 october 2020 7 day average covid deaths = 3.1
        30 June 2021 7 day average covid deaths = 2.6 and rising

        6 october 2020 7 day average hospital admissions = 57.6
        28 june 2021 7 day average hospital admissions = 40.3 and rising

        Vaccination is not as yet preventing transmission but no attempts at further mitigation from scot gov.


  6. Just listening to Starwars waffling away for “Britain” on Radio four.
    “We allowed the SNP to win Scotland”.
    “We could have won Airdrie and Shotts, if only………”.? Fill in your own fairydust story.
    They lost by 8% and the SNP increased their share of the vote.

    Starwars talks, and talks, yet at the end says nothing. Just like Shirr Keir-io.
    Why would Scots vote for a Labour party which buddies up with the Tories, in Scotland?
    Why would Scots vote for a Labour party which needs to tell lies about the Scottish government, because the truth is inconvenient?
    Why would Scots vote for a Labour party whose last three Leaders have had a public (private) education?

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