Thousands of baby deaths and no calls for Humza to go?

Surely, Humza Yousaf must resign? Thousands of dead babies in three health trusts. That must be due to confusing advice from the Scottish Government or cutbacks liked the ones Monica Lennon tells us about. Jeanne Freeman and Nicola Sturgeon had to go after one child death and a delay in construction:

Wait, ‘trusts’, not ‘boards’ Ah, the Guardian article didn’t mention NHS England. How bad is it. Should Hancock go, again?

But in recent years, horror stories have emerged of women and babies suffering dreadful maternity care in a number of NHS trusts. Bereaved parents and spouses have fought to be heard in the face of a culture of cover-up and medical professionals blaming mothers for the deaths of their babies. First, there was the inquiry into baby deaths at Morecambe Bay foundation trust, which came about as a result of the tireless campaigning of James Titcombe, whose baby died in its care. It found a “lethal mix” of failings caused the avoidable deaths of at least 11 babies and one mother. Last year, an interim report was published into baby and mother deaths at Shrewsbury and Telford; covering more than 1,800 cases over 20 years, it is one of the biggest ever NHS scandals.

It described how babies and mothers needlessly died or were left with profound disabilities as a result of terrible care; babies suffered fatal skull fractures as they were forced out using forceps, and women were left screaming in agony for hours as medics belittled their pain and told them they were “lazy”. An inquiry is currently underway into baby deaths at East Kent, and last week the Independent reported that dozens of babies had died or been left brain-damaged at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust.

That’s horrific. Surely the Health Secretary has to go?

Thy googling BBC hospital baby deaths and check on the first few links. See if you can find any mention of Matt Hancock:

Now try BBC hospital baby deaths Freeman

10 thoughts on “Thousands of baby deaths and no calls for Humza to go?

  1. In England,the Great British press only start demanding the resignation of ministers if they are caught in a compromising clinch.
    Here in Scotland,they at least attribute their demands to something related to the minister’s brief,tenuous though it often is.

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  2. As commented in your previous “Chester Standard” piece, “Going after Jeanne Freeman when various scandals emerged in England’s NHS was telling, all of it patently coordinated by political analysts and manipulators”

    It’s a dual strategy – flood Scottish pages with the personalised Scottish “scandal” to obscure what is unravelling in England, then dutifully report the Scottish “Secretary of Death” slant in the English media to create a false comparative.

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    1. Today’s Sunday papers exemplify this with wall to wall ‘SG bad, Westminster great’, across almost all titles. On good Morning Scotland, David Pratt (a pro-independence journalist) was reviewing the Sunday papers and he made this explicit point and deconstructed the coverage and contextualised it.

      The other reviewer was labour hack Gina Davidson, who was part of the story propagation team.

      This is clearly coordinated. Mr Pratt pointed to a similarity between a statement by Ms Jackie Baillie MSP, Labour thug, and statements in the Telegraph and Sunday Times.

      With the Bodger writing for the Daily Mail in ‘Scotland is really no very good’ mode, it is clear that Labour has joined with the Tories and Wuggie’s skeleton crew to reform ‘Bitter Together’.

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  3. And the relentless bias and hypocrisy goes on–and on–and on.

    Andy Burnham is now touted as Labour Leader–check his record as English Health Minister.

    How about Jeremy Hunt, who is on the BEEB every five minutes. He presided over health scandal after health scandal—yet they are NEVER mentioned.

    This all started with Johann Lamont accusing Alex Salmond personally, of depriving someone of a blanket. Repeated on the evening Repressing Scotland Show, and the BBC partisanship has grown and grown, like the lies Boris regales us with.

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    1. It’s what you get when the country next door, which removes your massive resources and revenues and sends a few crumbs back, ( be grateful you sweaty Jocks ha ha) has complete control over the media and broadcasting, denying Scotland broadcasting powers.
      You could hardly make it up as the saying goes, but my god do they make stuff up to deny the people of Scotland their democratic rights.

      The EngGov have their dirty hands in Scotland’s deep pockets…and they ain’t about to remove them anytime soon without a fight…

      I watch Broadcasting Scotland on Youtube and Independence live on YT…and Indy Car Gordon ross on YT, who btw the way is stowed under
      with his work so won’t be able to host B’casting Scotland for ‘foreseeable future. Shame he is very good at it. Other presenters are very good too though.

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