If they lived in Scotland, 105 000 would be seen in less than a year. 12 month hospital waiting lists 27% longer in NHS England

As always, I have long suspected that NHS Scotland would be outpacing NHS England, wounded by corruption and confusion at Westminster, in catching up on operations after the pandemic but it has been difficult to get comparative data.

I need a researcher as well as a carer, and a physio and a dietician and…..

Anyhow, surely the BBC and the Times can be trusted. Don’t answer that.

According to the BBC, 385 000 have been waiting more than a year in England.

In Scotland according to our pals at the Times:

Just over 28 000 have been waiting a year or more.

Regulars know what is coming.

England has ten times the population of Scotland so, all things being equal, might be expected to have 280 030 on the waiting list for a year or more.

But, they have more than 385 000, 27% more, 105 000 waiting longer than they would if they lived in Scotland.


13 thoughts on “If they lived in Scotland, 105 000 would be seen in less than a year. 12 month hospital waiting lists 27% longer in NHS England

      1. Robert
        To hell with testing our maths

        Tis our patience that it is being tested to the limit now
        Beware the Wrath of a patient Man


  1. Scotland’s NHS could not have been scaled up to cope with your scenario.

    Scotland and England’s NHS worked their socks off, none doubt Scotland coped better as it was better resourced and as physically distant from the WM omnishambles as they could be short of moving to the Black Isle or Shetland.

    I’ve been constantly baffled why ANY journalist in the year it’s been would even contemplate this subject when so many lost their lives in the interim, hence winced at the sheer insensitivity of the journalism, until the penny dropped WHO was promoting it. #10.

    The most reasonable estimate of England’s excess deaths is ca200,000, some 50% of whom would have been on a waiting list, but now they’re not. Oh, look, a squirrel, waiting lists are above normal, ooh look at Scotland…

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    1. Bob
      No need to wonder with regards Who and penny drops
      The system with MSM and dissemination of propaganda is pre programed with a sackfull of pennies
      For inserting,the channel the penny drops down is well oiled with grease in the form of Queen,s honours etc,etc and etc.

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  2. In two to five years time there will be no NHS in England to speak of and Scotland’s NHS will be forced to privatise most of their services if independence is not secured in the next year or two. I looked into my crystal ball and that’s what it says anyway. Just a hunch. :-/

    Why are people in England happy for their NHS to be dismantled for thr rich to profit out of peoples’ suffering? I just do not compute that at all.


    1. Artyhetty
      And will someone please inform the middle classes up here that in The USA
      every year over 900,000 relatively assest rich go bankrupt ( numbers grow every year )
      They contract a life threatening or long lasting medical condition
      Their insurance runs out
      Their cash runs out
      They sell mobile assets
      They flog the house
      Then they die
      That is the result of Private medical health care and Insurance
      Further more vital drugs are over 3 times more expensive in USA as big pharma rapes the seriously ill and dying

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      1. Though I might be stating the obvious, the obvious also needs to be given voice. Which is why the lack of ideological pluralism in contemporary education is of particular concern to critical voices within academia. Though the academy still has a way to go before it can honestly claim to have de-colonised itself from the lingering harms of colonialism. 😉

        The World After COVID 19: An Opportunity For a New


  3. That may sound prejudiced on my part, though I’d rather think of it as scientifically grounded ethical rationalism. Which is an outlook I’d strongly urge Scotland not to sacrifice on the alter of gender ideology and men’s rights. Which simply empowers neo-liberal patriarchy that hurts the poor and destroys the planet.

    How Not To Go ‘Back To Normal’ After COVID-19: Planning For Post-Neoliberal Development


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