Gleeful and infantile, Reporting Scotland spot SNP not following England’s rules

BBC Scotland Schools Media Programme teaches youngsters how to talk to listeners

On Reporting Scotland and the BBC Scotland website tonight:

The Scottish government has said there will be “ongoing need” for face coverings when all other restrictions are lifted on 9 August.

It said that while measures are “under review” people could still be expected to wear masks on public transport and in shops.

In England, however, wearing masks is soon expected to become a “personal responsibility”.

Reporting Scotland went beyond the website report to find a medic who would say that this might be confusing. I suppose if you don’t know which country you are in, you’re confused by a lot of things.

How often have we seen this kind of thing, favouring the Tory English approach which has caused almost twice as many cases and 40% more deaths than in Scotland? I won’t ask whose side they are on. That’s clear and it’s not ours.

In the very last of 22 paragraphs in the full website report:

“But I’m quite a bit happier with the Scottish approach to eventually release everything in August only.”

Dr Christine Tait-Burkard, from the University of Edinburgh

And, a link to the BMA calling for the continued use of face masks:

Oh well, that’ll be the balance they’re known for unlike those propagandists at RT?

3 thoughts on “Gleeful and infantile, Reporting Scotland spot SNP not following England’s rules

  1. Only those who privilege personal liberty over social well-being would seek to undermine good public health practice, e.g. English Torydum. And as anyone competent in human rights law will tell you, that’s simply not compatible with the doctrine of the rule of law. Though neither is Brexit, so I suppose anything goes nowadays.

    About the Acceptance of
    Wearing Face Masks in Times
    of a Pandemic


  2. If we re I to work in an office I would wish to wear a mask while in groups, walking in narrow corridors etc.
    I will protect those persons not wearing a mask. On second thoughts I will tell my employer that I wish my colleagues to protect me by having the courtesy of wearing a face mask too. If they cannot guarantee my well-being then I will work from home.


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