Covid cases fall for third day in a row except in Pacific Quay

I was worried as case levels soared until early last week. BBC Scotland seem to have no good news for us on that front yet.

They were on the ball in June warning us:

I suppose cases must still be soaring?


What’s this? The number of cases has fallen for the third day in a row? Why has BBC Scotland not told me this? What do I pay a licence for?

Does this mean the SNP’s management of the pandemic measures is working? Without Boris telling us what to do?

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5 thoughts on “Covid cases fall for third day in a row except in Pacific Quay

  1. Onboard BBC “Enterprising SNP–BAAAd”.

    “Take her up to full Bullsh*t warp power, Scottie”.

    “The unjins’ll no take it, Capt. They’ll just no take it”!

    “We need full warping, Scottie. These dratted Klingon Nats are clinging on—to power, and the Union needs you to WARP the facts”!

    “Aye, aye, Capt. Warp speed it is, an’ nothing will ever be the same again. Not the truth, the facts—only fiction from now on”!

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  2. Legal scholarship had identified the colonisation of the law by neo-liberalism, long before I studied the law nearly thirty years ago. Again, the paradigm of British nationalism depends on this fact remaining unrecognised in politics. So I think folks could do with learning how to defend yourself from the gaslighting of the state, and the bent nature of British justice.

    Are We There Yet? The Right to Environment
    in International and European Law


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