Chester Standard has far better reporting than BBC Scotland on First Minister

Not only referring to her respectfully as Scotland’s First Minister, using quality impartial reporting from the Press Association, on 1st July, the Standard informs us:

Ms Sturgeon, who was on a panel alongside climate activist Greta Thunberg and UN Messenger of Peace Jane Goodall, also announced £100,000 of funding for the Global Climate Assembly that will make recommendations for discussions at the Cop26 summit.

At the virtual conference, she said: “The climate crisis – with its inter-related threats of climate change, nature loss and pollution – remains the single biggest challenge the world faces.

“Cop26 represents the world’s best chance – and possibly one of our last chances – to limit global warming to 1.5°C.

“One of the great injustices of the climate crisis is that the people and countries who are worst affected are usually those who have done least to cause it.

“At Glasgow, their needs must be recognised, and their voices must be heard. The Scottish Government is determined to help with that process.

“All of us – and governments in particular – now need to summon that same sense of urgency in tackling the climate crisis.

“If we do, Cop26 can become a global turning point – one which ensures that as we recover from the pandemic, we create a greener and fairer world.”

Wow! on stage with Greta Thunberg and Jane Goodall? I’ve read about news values. This is a headline grabber how did Scotland’s media cover it?

Well, the National and the Scotsman gave it a reasonable spread but not exactly headlined.

BBC Scotland? Nope. Not a word.

Bookmark the Chester Standard for your Scottish news needs now!

Chester is a Labour-held seat, for the moment. MP Christian Matheson is a Burnham supporter. BBC Scotland loved to report on the FM and Burnham but then he is a powerful Blairite man and Thunberg or Goodall are just women that millions have admired for their courage.

7 thoughts on “Chester Standard has far better reporting than BBC Scotland on First Minister

  1. Where were Johnson & co ?
    They are only faining support for environmental issues in order to further their global influence b/s and of course,more importantly,gain traction with the Biden administration.
    Johnson’s famous shape changing persona is not down to global heating but his constant need to attract attention.
    Well done our FM,she at least is trying to address the issues that are going to affect us all in the near future.

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  2. The UK Government does not give support to such trivial matters as Saving the Planet – they were too busy doing the important business of organising the erection of flagpoles and displaying huge Union flags on buildings to show the UK’s world leading flag-making technology in all its glory .

    New trade deals are expected to flood in from dictatorships worldwide for our flags and orders will be delivered by our Minister for Flags , Ian Murray MP , aboard our new Royal Yacht , suitably bedecked in Union Flags .
    This will also save the country millions as Mr Murray has his own wardrobe of Union suits which he has donated to outfit the crew of the new Yacht .

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  3. Indeed, as observed, the filtering of what Scotland’s media in general and the BBC in Scotland in particular broadcast has an agenda firmly rooted in negativity when it comes to SG or the FM.
    Going after Jeanne Freeman when various scandals emerged in England’s NHS was telling, all of it patently coordinated by political analysts and manipulators.
    Nick Robinson’s “He didn’t answer…” is the norm, not the exception….

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  4. Currently all we can do here and on social media
    Is to continually impress upon all those
    In the MSM that upon Indy
    Strident moves shall be made to ensure
    That Never Ever again will they be allowed to work against the new nation of Scotland
    Out and expose them continuously and
    Condemn them to a life of stacking supermarket shelves or cleaning toilets
    What they do is unforgivable
    No mercy No quarter afforded
    This is NOT negotiable

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  5. This is a longstanding issue. The people of Scotland are often left poorly or not at all informed by our country’s media of the notable international contributions made by the present FM. The same lack of coverage characterised the contributions of her predecessor.

    I can recall numerous examples over a decade – speeches at UN-related events; at EU-related events; Arctic collaboration conferences; international awards ceremonies; events run by prestigious institutions such as universities and economic/business bodies, notably in the USA.

    One of the recurring features of Ms Sturgeon’s appearances at such events is her willingness to engage with well-informed, challenging audiences in extensive Q&A sessions – and to do so effectively with ease and candour.

    Can’t have Scotland’s political leaders being seen ‘coping’ far less being made welcome, even praised in such places!

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    1. Indeed, stewartb, the media have given all of that scant coverage but strangely word still got out and from the strangest of sources – Rith Davidson and the Green Ink Brigade. The latter were always guaranteed to have their letters published in the likes of the Herald which would never give anything but the most cursory coverage to the FM’s trips and speeches yet did not realise that by publishing the letters they were alerting people to those events. Thanks to the Internet people could then go looking for the details alluded to in the letters. Usually the letters would reference ‘getting on with the day job’ a phrase used often and loudly by Ms Davidson but not producing the effect she wanted.

      Eventually the UKgov cottoned on to what was happening which resulted in them banning the FM being given the use of consular/embassy cars when abroad. Too late though because the connections had been established and the network set up, the message broadcast by the FM in all the right places.

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  6. I totally missed seeing this post no idea why.
    It’s really excellent to see the FM of Scotland being respected and her voice being heard in such a setting. The problem is, the English government have all but hijacked the Cop26 event in Scotland. They fully intend keeping anyone from Scotland’s democratically elected party, the SNP, away from such an important event on the global stage. You just have to look at their website about it, they have appointed their Tory ministers to head the event.
    Let’s see what happens, it will be interesting to see the eyes of the world on Glasgow and whether the English government will allow it to be in a positive light for Scotland.
    Let’s hope we don’t see English youths running around our streets with weapons or anything. Put nothing past the Tories.


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