Not really, they don’t

This is deliberate misunderstanding in pursuit of a Scottish Government ‘failure’ fed by Jackie Baillie to a complicit media.

The report suggests that online appointments can lead to a £9.15 prescription charge. Don’t be daft. They’ll take it a local pharmacy and get it free. Why on earth wouldn’t they? There’s a potentially misleading wording in the document or Jackie has misread it for them.

We’re told that those who require more specialised treatment such as addictions therapy, may have to travel to England. Perhaps one or two may, I’m no expert, but I do know that Scotland’s drug and alcohol services have been smashing their waiting targets for years so may well cope:

Having to write this sort of stuff for the Herald must cause terrible cognitive dissonance and risk schizophrenia.

21 thoughts on “Not really, they don’t

  1. I have come to the conclusion that Editors in the British media operating in Scotland suffer from, not cognitive dissonance, but…….

    Psycoscotophobia…or……Anti-Scottish personality disorder.

    They exhibit traits of —-
    Hiding evidence of competence and good governance.
    Omitting facts beneficial to Scottish self-government.
    Inventing stories against Scottish self-government.
    Undue deference to politicians from the south.
    A dreadful cringe when discussing Scotland.
    And just a whining, nescient cringing disposition in general.

    And these are their GOOD points!

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    1. On a slight tangent from this.

      I was pottering through programmes, looking for things I wanted to record throughout the week, when I happened upon the BBC Parliament channel.

      Noticing that it had, amongst other things, Welsh FMQs, Senedd sessions, NI Parliament sessions and a meeting of an English Devolution Committee, I scrolled through the week, past hooouurs of HoC and HoL etc, looking for Scotland.

      Guess what?

      Nothing. Nowt. Zilch. Nada. Not a dicky bird…

      Is it something we said?

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  2. O/T
    John,I thought this would be of interest.TV
    ‘Smug’ BBC executives to threaten over-75s who have not paid £157 licence fee
    In the post today “Please act today,before your licence is cancelled.”
    A long spiel about writing to me before regarding TV and not setting one up at a cost of £159.
    Signed Ross McTaggart………..”Not the there’s been a murder one”

    WHAT WILL I DO ??????????????


    1. Scott
      You ask as what to do with ABC (BBC)
      1 Throw it un the bin
      2.Install it upon the toilet roll holder
      Overall i consider use by them of paper as a criminal waste of trees


      1. P1UK, I’m puzzled. Why does the CO2 leaflet Scott intended to use represent a greater threat to the planet than igniting the Doll collection of which he is evidently tired ?

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        1. Paper is mainly made from trees
          Which trap carbon
          Making paper produces a fair amount of carbon
          Paper burning releases the trapped carbon
          Modern world needlessly produces far too much paper which turns into needless waste


        1. Bob
          Little do most people realise the situation we now must confront
          Trapped carbon is massive
          1.Loss of forests and burning to clear for agri and palm oil
          2..As the temp rises it melts permafrosts
          Releasing massive amounts of trapped Methane which is 23 × times more potent than CO2 in causing warming and acts far quicker
          3.Ditto for ice shelves
          4.Ditto for huge river deltas such as the Amazon that has huge sediments containing billions of tonnes of methane
          A violent storm ( caused by increased ocean temp.) Will release all this methane
          5.And in Scotland if summer temp. increase and rain fall drops then the peat bogs in the flow country releases vast amount of CO2
          all this is called consequential amplification of global warming
          It took millions of years for the planet to lay down and trap greenhouse gasses
          And mostly done 60 million years ago
          And along comes greedy arrogant man and decides to release all of it in a 100 yrs
          This is a most profound state of imbalance
          And nature abhors such and will exert all its forces to restore balance and harmony
          And as man is the source of the imbalance then nature WILL remove us from the planet as it exerts its efforts to rebalance
          Mankind is a single species and matters not 1 jot to these forces


    2. John has an article about this, check thread from about 3 days ago. If you don’t watch the BBC on any device, live or catch up, you do not need a license. The BBC cannot harass you, (ie contact you too often to cause distress) nor can they threaten you with prison, because you cannot be sent to prison for ‘debt’ in Scotland under Scots Law, as they can be in England, under English law which is a disgrace. Write to the BBC, tell them you do not need a license and they will leave you alone for 2 years, until the next letter.


    3. Your humour implant has malfunctioned, perhaps review….
      I agree with all you say otherwise, mankind desperately needs a reset.
      My own hobby horse has long been energy conservation, if I can halve energy consumption on a less than 10 year old house which survives Siberian winters and it pays back the investment in a year anybody can whether Pitsligo or Peterborough.
      UK emissions being cut by a third was a no brainer 30 odd years ago and would stimulate the economy, but for politicians more concerned with energy company shares, turnover and profit.
      We’re killing ourselves and the planet we live on through greed.


    1. Interesting that Whitty studiously avoided all mention of the primary cause of stress, public information, or in England’s case public DISinformation for political ends in which he whatever his personal politics was an intrinsic part..


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