Knife crime spreading into Scotland from England

When I first heard the voices on the short video showing a knife and machete attack on a 16 year-old, I detected an English accent.

Only the Daily Record likewise commented:

The group of youths, who appeared to have English accents, were caught on camera on Argyle Street in the city centre at 8.30pm on Thursday evening.

BBC Scotland has ignored the report. This fits with their agenda to ignore anything that their viewers might think casts the Union in a negative light.

The Glasgow Times even labelled them ‘Glasgow thugs.

In August 2020:

As with the spike in drug-related crime by ‘County Lines‘ gangs operating out of English cities, ‘terrorising rural and small town Scotland‘, so the spike in farm thefts is by English gangs is being concealed by BBC Scotland and the MSM.

The above BBC Scotland report makes no reference to the origins of the gangs responsible for a 44% spike in the theft of farm machinery.

Reporting Scotland are, of course, unable to suggest such a thing. That would be ‘anti-English’, racist even.

Only a few in the regional media identified the drug gangs as English and it is only, as far as I can see, the Dundee Courier identifying the farm gangs as such:

Police Scotland say organised crime gangs from England are often responsible for the theft of high value farm equipment across the UK.

Whether this omission of detail happens through self-censoring by the reporters or in the process of editing is not apparent but the purpose is clear. The Pro-independence movement is, for many in the media, worryingly strong and must not be fed.

In February 2020:

In the Daily Record on Friday 11 October 2019:

‘Police Scotland have warned residents in a Scottish region to be aware of English people who suddenly appear in their communities. The warning comes as Perth and Kinross cops revealed English criminal gangs are flooding the area with drugs. Fears have been raised that young and vulnerable people could be targeted by so-called ‘county lines’ syndicates who are transporting narcotics from the area to the Highlands and Islands.’

I can see no sign of the story anywhere other than in the Daily RecordBBC Scotland, you can see below have used their editorial judgement to lead off with a French murder suspect who has committed no crimes in Scotland and who then turns out to be an innocent:

I was alerted to the Daily Record story by a reddit post:

At first glance, I though the original poster had attracted the warning for racism just for suggesting that the gangs were English as you might for saying that the Bradford and Rotherham sex gangs were Asian, but a response, which we cannot now see, did that.

This is not a new phenomenon though that wouldn’t excuse our MSM for not being up-to-date. In February 2019, the Sunday Post, alone covered an earlier Police Scotland warning:

PEOPLE living in rural communities around Scotland are being targeted by ruthless “county lines” gangsters who want to take over their home to sell drugs. The criminals from the north of England use threats and violence to force vulnerable people in countryside towns and villages into helping them sell drugs.

Police Scotland reported the problem in January, triggering presumably, the Sunday Post piece, but no others (!) and announced an initiative by Crimestoppers:

The charity Crimestoppers is today 14th January 2019 launching a campaign to highlight the pain and suffering that criminals from English cities are inflicting on vulnerable people in Scotland’s rural and coastal towns.

At the time, I invited BBC Scotland to get on this:

‘Come on BBC Scotland Disclosure Team! Here’s a real story that doesn’t just involve interviewing auld folk in a hospital ward or in their living rooms about how there aren’t enough nurses or doctors or pan drops or’……..but they haven’t. Indeed no one has.

Why? This story has all the essential features of a newsworthy story. Most journalists are familiar with the seven ‘news values’ held by news media gatekeepers – impact, timeliness, prominence, proximity, bizarreness, conflict, and currency. The French ‘murder’ arrest has few of these.

‘English drug gangs terrorising locals’ has them all so there has to be some other powerful factor causing editors to turn away from it. Does it undermine the argument that we are better together in the UK in quite a visceral thus powerful way?

BBC Scotland was prepared to report falling knife crime within Scotland in 2019 but is reluctant to report it coming back from England. The Union is struggling enough, I feel sure they are thinking.

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10 thoughts on “Knife crime spreading into Scotland from England

  1. News management from an outfit whose main purpose is anti-independence propaganda.
    If you ever wonder what it was like in the old East Germany or North Korea—watch Reporting Scotland.
    Nope, you won’t see Erich Honiker or Kim un-Jong.
    But you WILL see Boris Johnson—every night on a Scottish “news”program.
    Not in connection with any news story. Why, you ask?

    It’s called–PRODUCT PLACEMENT, and is illegal.

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  2. How horrific. It would be interesting to know where these violent thugs actually live, and why are they in Glasgow. They need locking up for a long time, very dangerous and very sinister, this seems orchestrated. The BritNats would stop at nothing to damage Scotland in any way they can.
    Of course given that COP26 is being held in Glasgow, it’s not too far fetched to think this is the BritNat state orchestrating violence, to portray Glasgow and Scotland as backward and violent. Nicola Sturgeon is well respected in the EU, she was in Austria attending meetings about climate change this past few days, the BritNats must be livid about that.

    The BritNats will stop at nothing to damage Scotland economically, culturally, (ie burning down iconic and culturally important buildings, and tourist attractions etc) as well as attempting to damage Scotland’s reputation outwith the cesspit UK. It’s getting very sinister indeed.

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    1. ‘.. The BritNats will stop at nothing to damage Scotland economically, culturally, (ie burning down iconic and culturally important buildings, and tourist attractions etc)’

      Couldn’t help but notice that last bit about ‘burning down’ by BritNats. If supported by evidence then it’s hugely important (of course) and damning. But I’ve seen no evidence. If it’s not supported by evidence then what is this?

      For background – and to explain why I’m prompted to ask – I’m sick and tired of unfounded conspiracy theories!

      Source/s please!


  3. First of all, Scotland has an endemic problem with violent gang culture which takes different forms in east and west Scotland. Secondly, I don’t think blaming all of Scotland’s social problems on England is healthy. Especially since the Scottish government appears to have been ideologically captured by Stonewall.

    Back to the Future

    “This chapter reflects on the status of gangs and organised crime in Scotland, drawing on key findings from the book, with implications for research and practice.”


      1. If you follow Stonewall and Mermaid’s advice, you can kiss goodby to the potential for justice in Scotland. Innocent people will experience real harm and possibly death, mostly women and children. Our culture will become unable to support a wholesome moral psychology, an entrepreneurial spirit, or critical social aesthetic. Scotland will become a zombie enclave of a zombie England that is searching for the former glories of a rascsit empire. That might sound alarmist, but I say this as someone trained in the design of sustainable public policy. That’s where we’re at right now.

        Critical aesthetic pedagogy : toward a theory of self and social understanding


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