No, not Canada nor India nor…

The discovery of unmarked graves at three former residential schools in Canada has triggered statue toppling and accusations of shame in the state of Canada. While the modern state of Canada has been slow to make up for the genocidal treatment of indigenous groups, this all began more than three hundred years ago as the British Empire arrived to exploit the resources, steal the land and then destroy the tribes, with the Church and its ‘teachers’ as the tool.

The people who started this were not Canadians. They could not be. Canada did not exist. They lived in part of the British Empire and were British. They were racist, white, Christian supremacists.

No one would think of suggesting that the deliberately enabled starvation of a people, an Gorta Mór, was Ireland’s shame. We know who was responsible and how they thought of themselves, Protestant Britons. The deaths of Irish babies at the hands of those ‘Brides of Christ’, the nuns and priests, was also the work of imperial supremacists, serving the empire that is the Catholic Church. They did the same and worse across the Americas, from Chile to Mexico.

The near-genocide of the indigenous population in Brazil is not ‘Brazil’s Shame’ but that of Portugal and the Vatican. In the other South American countries, all then colonies when this began, it is the shame of Spain and the Vatican.

When Britain did this in India, it was clearly Britain’s shame:

Imperialism is a bad thing. A system of violent protection rackets on a scale the Mafia could only dream of and, of course, self-justified by a racist religious philosophy.

But, but says the Tory MP, they would never have had railways but for ‘us’. Yes to move our troops to then murder them and to move rice supplies away from the starving. Such was the nasty brutish nature of the British Empire, it cleansed its closest kin out of Scotland and murdered them in Ireland.

There’s more blood and tears, much much more. Readers will add them no doubt.

Knock down statues of Victoria? Get the councils to dump them all in a holocaust memorial park, free entry.

Finally, Nazi Germans, were they worse? Certainly more technologically advanced, more ambitious but, globally, less impact than ‘us.’

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6 thoughts on “No, not Canada nor India nor…

  1. John
    You ask if the NAZIS were worse
    At least they made strenuous efforts to purchase vast areas of land from foreign powers to which they proposed to deport all Jews to
    They gave up when Portugal at the last minute changed their mind at the sale of Madagascar
    Upon which Hitler ordered Heydrich
    To implement the final solution regards Jews ( The only documentary proof of Hitlers involvement in genocide )
    There is plenty of documentation of British Imperialism ( and others ) genocidal policies


      1. Other sites reported similarly john, just posted the piece (limited to friends admittedly) and it it is up, no bother.


  2. And Bodger Broon was saying in c2008, that” no longer would Britain apologise for the Empire”.

    He had a Scotland loathing piece in the Daily Mail last week.


  3. “Misra’s analysis breaks new ground by claiming the fighting stretched across India rather than accepting it was localised around northern India. Misra says there were outbreaks of anti-British violence in southern Tamil Nadu, near the Himalayas, and bordering Burma. . . . . . “It was a pan-Indian thing. No doubt”

    The same lie was told about Bonnie Prince Charles’s Jacobite army.
    That it was composed solely of “Highlanders” .
    Murray Pittock’s book ” The Myth of The Jacobite Clans” demonstrates that this was a fiction put about by “Whig Historians”, repeated to this day. The Jacobite army had recruits from all parts of Scotland.


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